Adrian Sheridan

Senior Account Manager - Enterprise, London

Lots of my friends and I find motorcycling hugely positive for our mental wellbeing, and it’s helped many of us through tough times. When you ride a bike, you have to be fully focused, constantly reading the road and reacting accordingly. Your mind has no room for other worries or anxious thoughts.

A friend I met through biking introduced me to the Essex Blood Runners and I’ve been volunteering for around four years now. On our bikes, we deliver blood to hospitals and the air ambulance service, providing an out of hours service seven days a week, 365 days a year.

There have been no disruptions to this vital service since the pandemic started, and we now deliver prescriptions to people that are having to shield at home. As well as weekly, early morning blood deliveries to the air ambulance, I’ve been working within a 15 mile radius of Harlow hospital to help make sure that medicine gets to all those that need it.

Giving back to the community and providing such a vital service is a very rewarding thing. I’ve encouraged lots of friends that ride to join the Blood Runners. What the group does really adds value, and like me, they’ve got a tremendous amount from being part of that.

Especially during this lockdown period, helping others is hugely satisfying and keeping me busy. The NHS volunteering site is a good place to start if you want to get involved in the UK and I’d encourage everyone to check in on others; just a short phone call can make a world of difference at the moment.

Adrian Sheridan | Senior Account Manager – Enterprise | London