Stephanie Georgiou

Senior Analyst, Project Office, London

My most valuable possessions are my dance trophies. I did all sorts of dance including tap and contemporary growing up, but ballet was my main focus. It needed a lot of dedication; when most other 18 year olds were going out, I spent my weekends practicing. Learning discipline and perseverance through dance has been helpful for work: even when I have challenging days, I keep going.

These days, I’m now most proud of my career. This is where my mum has been the biggest influence. She taught me to stay open minded about everything, and having that mindset has been so beneficial. I originally interviewed for a HR apprenticeship, but instead moved into project management because I felt I’d be better suited to it.

I wasn’t sure about doing an apprenticeship at first. I felt like some people may lack faith in me because I didn’t go to university, but now I feel like I’m ahead. I’ve gained a distinction in my apprenticeship qualification and secured a permanent role at Colt as a Senior Analyst in the Project Office (PMO). I never thought that would be possible at this age, but Colt and the apprenticeship scheme has given me the chance to develop and chase exciting opportunities like this. I’m looking forward to more to come!

Stephanie Georgiou | Senior Analyst, Project Office

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