Lee Israel

Senior Service & Contract Manager

One of the most influential people in my life is my boyfriend of 16 years. He’s a Police Officer and I’m proud of the work he and his colleagues do every day to ensure the safeguarding of the public – I probably don’t tell him enough! His drive and determination have helped shaped the way I think about my own career and aspirations.

Whilst our work at Colt is clearly different to that of the Police, I recognise the same sort of commitment and drive in my colleagues at Colt. The way that we all came together as a community to help each other and our customers during the Covid-19 pandemic has been incredible and is something we should all be proud of.

I see my colleagues striving to complete projects to the highest standard and it motivates me to bring my best self to the table as well. There’s something incredibly fulfilling in knowing that you and your team are doing the utmost to deliver the best possible service for customers.

When I first started at Colt I didn’t immediately come out as LGBTQ. I would use the word ‘Partner’ instead of boyfriend and to be honest this was more about me rather than the environment I was in. It only took a few short weeks and when it did happen it was very much a non-event. I don’t believe that my age, gender or sexuality has ever played a part in my career at Colt, it’s always been about what I do and I’m accepted for who I am.

Working here has helped me to grow as a person. The people I work with, the friends I have made and the job I do are the main things that have kept me here all this time. Already, at the age of 37, I’ve had some great career highlights and I’m genuinely excited for the next ten years.

Lee Israel | Senior Service & Contract Manager, Strategic Alliances | London