Sean Nash

Manager, Capital Markets Service Delivery, Europe

It’s not about the pencils

My story starts pre-pandemic. I’d wake up early, check my emails and then look at my sleep app to confirm just how tired I felt. I’d give all I could at work and then hurry home after 7pm to read my daughters a story. And then lockdown happened and I was determined to find something positive from the situation.

In the first month, I slept more than I had in years; my battery was increasing every day. But when I injured myself running, I needed a new challenge to take advantage of the 15 hours a week I had back from not commuting.

One day, when I was drawing the design for a new garden project, my daughter said, “Daddy, you’re good at drawing. Why don’t you draw again?” I was afraid to see how bad I’d become, but my girls learn from me through my actions, so I had to try.

Drawing of Sean's daughterMy first drawing was of my youngest, Isla. Before lockdown, I didn’t see her as much as I’d have liked, but soon she was slipping her hand into mine on walks and I wanted to repay her with my first drawing. It was far from perfect. My older daughter Evie said I’d “forgotten the meatballs in Isla’s spaghetti hair!” But as I was finishing her eyes, I thought, ‘I’ve caught her.’

I went on to draw many other people close to me including my other daughter, wife, mum, brother and my late father who passed as I was finishing his portrait. With each drawing, I improved and I even started getting requests from friends. But for me, drawing isn’t about receiving recognition, it’s about:

  1. Challenging the idea that I can’t do something
  2. Providing an outlet to de-stress and focus on something positive and productive
  3. A unique way to chronicle my family growing up… and growing older

Most recently, I drew a portrait of actor Tamer Hassan, a family friend. He has been raising money for families displaced by the earthquake in Turkey. With support from Colt, I am also actively trying to help. We have done ten prints of Tamer’s drawing which he’s going to sign and auction to help reach his goal of raising £100,000. It feels good to be able to give something back.

For more on this story, see my LinkedIn post.

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