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A network with a difference

Colt provides services and solutions along the entire trade life cycle.

The Colt IQ Network for financial markets provides fast and secure connectivity between all the major financial trading centres, liquidity hubs and exchanges worldwide. Our network consists of over 50 unique low-latency routes, including our ultra-low latency routes connecting Europe and Asia. We connect more than 80 financial exchanges on four continents, ensuring we reach everywhere you do business.


Dedicated Connectivity

Enable your business to establish secure, low-latency, dedicated connections to clients, trading venues or the cloud with our Dedicated Connectivity solutions.

Based on Colt’s IQ Network, you can create private networks connecting to your own capital markets community. Our fully managed, resilient and bespoke low-latency solution can meet your precise requirements.

We deliver a consistent and predictable experience over a common platform and technology, allowing financial businesses to address the challenges digitisation brings.

Ultra-low latency

Our highly-secure, ultra-low latency network services are designed to meet the high-frequency trading (HFT) needs of the most demanding buy-side and sell-side firms.

Low latency global coverage

You’ll have access to the largest number of low latency trading venues over the fastest connections, helping you deliver your multi-asset strategy, deal with shorter opportunity cycles or tighter spreads, and pull ahead of the competition.

Ongoing investment

Colt continues to enhance latency to ensure market leadership across important routes in Europe and Asia. In the wider scope, we continue to expand the Colt IQ Network to reach more locations worldwide than ever before.

Service Management

To ensure best performance, our ultra low latency network services are built on high-speed fibre and microwave links; and use the smallest possible number of media converters, hops and network devices. To maximise availability, they’re supported by experienced Colt teams.

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Our award-winning, captial markets solutions give you the ability to seamlessly interconnect your business, so you can become more responsive to new challenges and opportunities.

Whatever your challenges or questions, let our experts guide you on your cloud connectivity journey.

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