Ultra Low Latency – PrizmNet European Network Datasheet

The European Exchange Infrastructure landscape is experiencing a fundamental transformation.

Euronext have announced they’re moving their main data centre from Basildon, UK to Aruba Global Cloud Data Centre IT3 in Bergamo, Italy and the LSE have a planned move from Earl Street to Telehouse North 2.

Colt Capital Markets are responding to these changes by redesigning our network and helping our clients via a solutions based approach. Taking into account the individual needs, latency profile and regulatory requirements of each firm.

We are helping clients plan:

  • Proximity hosting within the new data centre in Bergamo for both members and non-members
  • Alternative proximity locations with cloud access and low latency links to colocation sites
  • Migration from Earl Street to Telehouse North 2
  • Ultra-Low Latency links between new Euronext data centre in Bergamo and Zurich, Frankfurt, Paris and London hubs
  • Re-design of London network with the addition of planned new LSE data centre at Telehouse North on our ULL network

Download the datasheet to find out more

Download the datasheet