Colt Partners with Venari Security

Colt has partners with Venari Security to provide organisations with advanced visibility into their encrypted attack surface, ensuring regulatory compliance and privacy adherence through our cryptographic discovery tool.

Our focus is on crypto agility which helps you assess both external and internal cryptographic risks, preparing your business now and for the quantum future.


The Venari Security Standard

Venari Security has established a standard to mitigate risk and maintain adherence to privacy, regulations and best practices within your organisation. This standard utilises modern TLS protocols and strong cipher suites, ensuring no known vulnerabilities exist. This design strengthens your organisation’s security posture by preventing the potential exploitation of weak encryption protocols and cipher suites.

Colt & Venari Security:
A new partnership

Helping protect businesses against growing cyber risks

74% of organisations have reported one or more cybersecurity incidents in the last 12 months, according to Forrester’s April, 2023 “Top Cybersecurity Threats in 2023” report.

The partnership will give organisations deeper visibility into their encrypted network traffic, improving security and helping them to stay on top of complex regulatory requirements.

The collaboration will see Colt integrate VigilanceAI, Venari Security’s pioneering Encrypted Traffic Analysis (ETA) platform, into its existing service offering.

External TLS Attacks

What is the potential business impact?

Data breach and unauthorised access to sensitive data
Financial loss
Loss of customer trust and damage to brand reputation
Regulatory impact and legal liability
Operational disruption

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“We are delighted to partner with such a prominent innovative network and technology operator. With Colt’s footprint across Capital Markets and Enterprise organizations, we are genuinely excited about this partnership."



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Many businesses today operate globally and gather data from various sources to develop lucrative customer insights and gain a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing commercial marketplace. Data has become invaluable, and demand for it has increased exponentially.


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Mark Slater

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Venari is an award-winning cybersecurity SaaS provider that has developed an ETA (Encrypted Traffic Analysis) platform which fundamentally changes the way encrypted traffic is analysed.By measuring the encrypted traffic, Venari can both identify threat levels and deliver internal and regulatory compliance, while maintaining data privacy.Without decrypting the encrypted traffic at any point, Venari uses machine learning, artificial intelligence and behavioural analytics to accurately measure the abnormalities between normal and anomalous behaviour.


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