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Transforming enterprise together

Success in business depends on rapid innovation and being agile enough to swiftly establish links to new markets, partners and opportunities. Optimisation of current infrastructure is no longer enough.

Transformation of the IT and applications landscape is crucial in driving business innovation. Digital transformation can be achieved with the right connectivity model in place to embrace the demands of a growing digital ecosystem, and by working with the most innovative partners, combining their strengths to deliver a digital, software-driven user journey


Colt’s On Demand Interconnect extends flexible connectivity beyond Equinix data centers

On Demand Interconnect (ODI) for Equinix allows customers to connect from Equinix Fabric locations directly to sites on the Colt On Demand platform, via a fully automated real time SDN interconnect.

Colt ODI for Equinix allows customers that are on the Equinix Fabric to extend their reach, by consuming Last Mile, on-demand connectivity outside of Equinix footprint, through Colt On Demand platform, to 29,000+ enterprise buildings and 1000+ data centres directly connected to the Colt fibre network, to provide a simplified end-end network experience.


Our combined value

Colt's global network combined with Equinix's worldwide data centre footprint supports enterprises end-to-end requirements from architecting a global network backbone, right through to optimising the experience of users day-to-day.

Colt + Equinix

Cross-platforms Intelligent Networking + Digital Services | Ecosystems enabled by Software

“The alignment between Equinix’s neutral platform and the ecosystems that reside there and Colt’s connectivity options and capabilities was the natural basis for starting our partnership. But connecting products is only the beginning of the proposition that customers are looking for. To deliver the true value that customers look for in partnerships like the Colt and Equinix relationship takes investment in a whole set of capabilities that surround the products and services that each company offers.”

Eric Schwartz
Chief Strategy & Development Officer, Equinix


Colt + Equinix engagement success

Colt, Equinix and our partner ecosystem were able to jointly produce a complex and all-encompassing solution for Decathlon.

Being the world’s largest sporting goods retailer, we were able to provide a scalable, high-performance platform and reliable connectivity to support cloud migration, enhance digital retail experiences, and continue business expansion.

This created an easy, quick, flexible and scalable global connectivity solution. Enabling Decathlon to gaining private, on-ramp access to multiple cloud providers and NSP’s.

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About us

Our combined expertise in building agile, hyperconnected and high-performance hybrid architectures provides enterprises with secure solutions that are easy to manage, flexible and scale with you to meet the growing needs of your business.

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Equinix is the world's digital infrastructure company, enabling digital leaders to harness a trusted platform to bring together and interconnect the foundational infrastructure that powers their success. With Equinix, they can scale with agility, speed the launch of digital services, deliver world-class experiences, and multiply their value. Globally, Platform Equinix is comprised of 240 data centers across 66 metros and 27 countries on 6 continents, providing data center and interconnection services to 10,000+ companies including more than 50% of Fortune 500 companies.

Colt strives to transform the way the world works through the power of connectivity, taking what’s always been in its DNA to enable customers’ success. The Colt IQ Network connects more than 900+ data centres and over 29,000 on net buildings across Europe, Asia and North America’s largest business hubs. Colt understands today’s shifting connectivity requirements and provides agile, On Demand and secure high bandwidth networking and voice solutions to ensure enterprises can thrive.

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Colt and Equinix delivering an intelligent network at software speed
To stay ahead, enterprises are increasingly relying on collaboration and integration with multiple service providers and partners to create new value. This in turn is driving a need for more flexible digital infrastructure with high-performance, low latency connectivity to digital ecosystems of partners.


Colt and Equinix partnership brings power of the cloud
Thanks to the partnership with Equinix, and interconnecting to the Equinix Cloud Exchange™, Colt expand its ecosystem wider to more than 500+ cloud service providers.


Case studies
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Colt extends collaboration with Equinix, enabling on-demand connectivity for Equinix Fabric™
By combining Colt’s network footprint and on-demand capability with the Equinix Fabric offering, enterprises benefit from a simplified end-to-end experience when connecting to their digital infrastructure.

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