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On Demand Interconnect (ODI) for Equinix allows customers to connect to Equinix Fabric locations directly from the Colt On Demand platform, via a fully automated real time SDN interconnect.

ODI for Equinix allows customers that are on the Equinix Fabric to seamlessly connect to 900+ data centres and 29,000+ enterprise buildings that are directly connected to the Colt fibre network to provide a simplified end-end network experience.

Customers can interconnect to the Equinix Fabric in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Singapore and Tokyo and connectivity is based on layer 2 point to point connectivity (similar to data centre, Ethernet and Cloud On Demand connections).

Equinix Overview - Introduction

Customer applications

On Demand Interconnect for Equinix provides an enhanced provisioning experience compared to traditional data centre cross connects.

Provisioning Time Days / Weeks Minutes
Turn up experience Usually positive, but issues can occur (e.g. TX/RX ports need to be swapped) Fully automated

An example customer use case is a customer that wants to connect their enterprise office location to their Equinix Fabric port. This customer need would normally be fulfilled via a physical fibre cross connect between the Equinix Fabric and service provider ports within the Equinix data centre.

The On Demand Interconnect service allows customers to bypass this traditional provisioning route and interconnect directly with Colt in a seamless manner, via SDN enabled automation.

Service details (Colt On Demand service)

Customers can create layer 2 connections between a physical On Demand port in a data centre or enterprise office location to an Equinix Fabric port.

  • Connectivity – layer 2
  • Equinix virtual port bandwidths – 50Mbps-1Gbps
  • Circuit connection bandwidths – 10Mbps-1Gbps
  • VLAN config on customer port – Open Port (transparent), Add VLAN (translation), Filter VLAN

Important note:
The bandwidth of a Colt virtual cloud ports is fixed. To change the bandwidth of the cloud port, customers must first delete the Equinix circuit connection via the Fabric portal and the Colt circuit connection via the  On Demand portal. Once the two circuit connections have been removed, the virtual cloud port can be deleted a new virtual cloud port created.

Creating a new connection to Colt via the Equinix Fabric

To create a new ODI for Equinix connection, customers need to:

STEP 1: In the Equinix Fabric portal: Request a local intra-DC/ metro connection between the Equinix Fabric port and Colt

STEP 2: In the Colt On Demand portal: Create an Equinix virtual cloud port, and request a connection to the customer data centre or enterprise office location

Requesting a local connection across Equinix Fabric (Step 1)

Customers need to create a new connection, selecting Colt as the Service Provider.

Connect to Equinix Fabric

Customers then need to:

  • Select one of their existing Equinix Fabric ports in the A side / origin data centre (for example, London LD6)
  • For the B side / destination location, select the metro city as the interconnect to Colt (for example, London)

Customers will then be required to select the bandwidth and VLAN details as per the standard Equinix Fabric provisioning process.

Equinix Introduction 2

Once the connection has been created, customers will receive a service key (this is called a “unique ID” in Equinix Fabric. This service key is then used to create a virtual cloud port in the Colt On Demand platform, and will be completed in minutes.

Equinix Order Submitted

Requesting a Colt On Demand connection (Step 2)

1) The customer must already be onboarded onto the Colt On Demand platform.
2) It is assumed that the physical port in the remote data centre or enterprise office location is already in place. Please refer to the Quick Start Guide for guidance about port provisioning)

First, customers need to create an Equinix virtual cloud port using the service key. Customers need to select a region and a data centre location (for example, Equinix LD6).

On Demand Cloud 1

Once the virtual cloud port has been created, an On Demand connection should be created between the remote data centre / enterprise office port and the Equinix virtual cloud port.

Customers need to create a new cloud connection, selecting the Equinix Fabric option. The standard cloud connection provisioning process should be followed, selecting Equinix as the A end port and the customer DC or enterprise office at the B end.

On Demand Cloud 2

End-end process overview

An overview of the end to end provisioning process is shown below.

End to End Process