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Customer registration & account administration

On Demand registration for new Colt customers

If you are a new Colt customer, and are interested in buying On Demand services please click on the button below:

On Demand registration for existing Colt customers

If you are already a Colt customer, please reach out to the Colt Sales team, who will guide you through the registration process:

On Demand onboarding support

Customers who need additional support after their On Demand account has been created can contact the On Demand onboarding support team. The team are there to help customers when they log in to On Demand for the first time or need assistance when placing initial port or circuit connection orders.

The On Demand onboarding support team can be contacted via the standard support channels:

  • Option 1 – email the onboarding support team
  • Option 2 – request a callback from the onboarding support team (using the same process as raising a standard Colt ticket)

Email and contact numbers depend on which country a customer is based, and can be found at

For both options, the following Customer Access Number should be quoted: 112233

When the Colt support team answers your call, please quote the Portal Service ID (and user ID if required, e.g. JSmith) which can be found at the top of the main portal page.

On Demand account structure

On Demand accounts are assigned a legal contract country, which is directly linked to the customer’s account number. The contract country acts as the location for legal and administrative purposes.

On Demand accounts have access to all locations globally – for example, a customer located in Japan can request On Demand services in countries in Asia, Europe or North America.

Customers can request multiple On Demand accounts if required. For example, a large multinational enterprise can request separate On Demand accounts for each individual country that they operate in.


On Demand accounts are assigned a single currency. All On Demand service pricing and invoices are based on this currency. Customers that require multi-currency support need to create multiple On Demand accounts, i.e. one account per invoice currency.

The following currencies are supported : EUR (Euro), GBP (British Pound), JPY (Japanese Yen), SEK (Swedish Krona), CHF (Swiss Franc), HKD (Hong Kong Dollar), SGD (Singapore Dollar), USD (US Dollar), DKK (Danish Krone)

On Demand customer roles

Customers can allocate one or more user logins against their On Demand account. Colt Online user IDs are used for On Demand logins. Each user is assigned a role. There are four user roles, which are summarised in the below table.

Full (“admin”) Ability to create, delete, update all portal functions. Ability to change customer spend limit
Primary Same permission as Full role, but not able to change the spend limit
Flex User is able to modify the parameters of existing service such as bandwidth and VLAN configuration, but is not able to create or delete any services.
Read only Read-only access to the portal to view ports, connections, locations etc. No permission to change any parameters or make any configuration changes.

Customers can set an optional monthly spend limit, which applies to ALL logins assigned to the On Demand account. Once the spend limit is reached, customers will not be able to make any further transactions until the beginning of the next month. Existing On Demand ports or circuit connections are not impacted by changes to the spend limit.

Requesting additional On Demand user logins

On Demand user logins are created during initial registration. Once the registration process is complete, customers can request additional user logins by creating a new Colt Online user and adding one of the four On Demand roles described above to the Colt Online user profile.

The process to create a new Colt Online user is a 5 step process, and is described here : Create a new Colt Online user . (On Demand user roles are added under step 5).

The process needs to be initiated by an existing Colt Online user linked to the customer OCN that is used to the On Demand account. The request then needs to be approved by one of the admin users assigned to that OCN.

The above process can also be used to assign On Demand roles to existing Colt Online users.

IMPORTANT - customers should only select a single On Demand role. Multiple roles cannot be supported for a single Colt Online user. 

Multi account login (NEW)

The new multi account login feature allows customers to access different On Demand accounts via the same user login.

For example, a customer with 10 accounts across multiple countries can access all 10 accounts via the same user name and password.

Individual logins are managed via Colt Online, as described in the "requesting additional On Demand user logins" section. Customers who want to benefit from the multi-account login feature need to ensure that:

  1. In Colt Online, the user login they wish to use is linked to the OCNs that are attached to the target On Demand accounts
  2. The Colt Online user login is assigned the correct On Demand role (e.g. Full role)

Where a user login is associated with multiple OCNs / On Demand accounts, the user will be able to select different On Demand accounts from the top menu bar. The default login is the account that was last open.


Local language support

The On Demand portal supports multiple languages – English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Japanese. The portal language can be changed at any time, by selecting the globe icon in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Local Language Support

Demonstration accounts

The On Demand demonstration environment allows customers to become familiar with the Colt On Demand platform, without placing real orders or generating any actual charges.

The demonstration portal provides a safe environment which imitates the features and functionality of the On Demand production portal. However, the demonstration portal is not linked to a billing account so customers are not charged for any of the services requested.

Demo Accounts

Demo accounts are provided via the Colt Sales team.

Please note that the demo pricing does not always reflect the real prices for ports and circuit connections.

Demo portal tips

New On Demand ports in data centres or enterprise office buildings

We strongly recommend that only ports delivered in real time (i.e. ports shown with a green tick) are requested via the demo portal, as the real time delivery is well suited to a customer demonstration. Manual port requests (i.e. ports shown with a grey plus symbol) are also enabled in the demo platform so that customers are able to better understand the overall ordering experience. However, we recommend that customers do not hit the "accept" button on manual port requests.

New cloud ports

Customers may find the below tips useful when creating new cloud ports within the On Demand demo platform:

1. Microsoft ExpressRoute Cloud port
Use a random UUID key – we recommend generating a new key via this UUID generator
(e.g. 02019ae6-c909-4b69-a867-5d3532cdc97e)

2. AWS hosted port
Simply enter any 12 digit number
(e.g. 123456789012)

3. AWS Dedicated port
When asked to upload an LOA, simply upload any PDF file.

4. Google Cloud port
Use the UUID generator and add the region and availability zone (1 or 2) at the end
(e.g. 02019ae6-c909-4b69-a867-5d3532cdc97e/europe-west1/2)

5. Oracle cloud port
Use the following OCID and change the region code to the desired region and the last 9 digits to a random value:

6. Equinix cloud port / IBM cloud port
Use a random UUID key, as per the above instructions for Microsoft Azure – (i.e.  UUID generator)
(e.g. 02019ae6-c909-4b69-a867-5d3532cdc97e)