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On Demand services build on standard Colt operational processes, with additional enhancements to ensure that customers benefit from a first class software defined network experience:

The network supporting On Demand services is proactively monitored by Colt’s network operations team

On Demand network faults are supported via Colt’s existing carrier-class support model.

This includes a local language help desk is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and the ability to raise tickets digitally via Colt Online.

Customers can view tickets -- that have been raised proactively by Colt, or reactively by the customer - directly via the On Demand portal

Flex service bandwidths in line with demand – instantaneously or scheduled in advance with our bandwidth calendaring feature

For software faults that impact On Demand services, tickets are routed to Colt’s Digital Service Desk for specialist support

Note – the On Demand portal is not service impacting, and as such does not have an associated SLA for uptime.

Network faults & software faults

Colt has a high quality global fibre network that enables the provision of an annual target service availability. The target availability depends on the service option taken and the location of customer sites. The fault help desk is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customers can report a fault at any time by contacting the Customer Service Centre and speaking to a representative in their local language.

Colt On Demand faults fall into two categories:

A software fault – an issue during service provisioning

A network fault - an issue with an existing live service

The Support section within the On Demand portal describes the action that needs to be taken for each type of fault. For software faults, customers need to quote the CAN number to ensure the ticket is routed to Colt’s Digital Service Desk.

When service is provisioned, customers are issued with a unique service reference (“Service ID”) for each circuit that they should always use when reporting network faults. The contact number for fault reporting can be found under the Support section of the On Demand portal.

Colt will repair a fault on the customer’s On Demand network within published Target Time to Repair (TTTR) parameters. If Colt fails to meet the target, it will pay compensation according to the SLA.


Raising a ticket for an On Demand service

Tickets for On Demand services are raised via the standard process - via Colt Online or phone. The process is described on our support page.

Viewing tickets in the On Demand portal

Once a ticket has been raised, it can be viewed in the On Demand portal. A summary is provided on the Dashboard page.

Viewing Tickets in the On Demand Portal

Detailed ticket information can be found under the connections page.

Detailed Ticket Information

Colt Online

Colt Online an intuitive, user-friendly application and complements the On Demand portal experience.

Every Colt Online customer is provided with an administrator account for a defined user within their organisation. This administrator has full access to the available features for all their customer accounts and sub accounts, including:

Search and view any bill from the previous six months in .pdf format*

View the status of any order in the delivery process

View the status of any ticket (covering faults, enquiries, service requests) in real-time

Search and view all live services

View an account dashboard, summarising the four features above

* Not available in Switzerland due to data protection legislation

Service monitoring

The Colt network is proactively monitored and maintained by Colt. On Demand services are monitored, managed and maintained by Colt on an end-to-end basis.

Automated monitoring and notifications

On Demand services include an optional proactive notification service, which means that Colt proactively monitors the service and can notify customers of any service-affecting faults via e-mail or SMS. Proactive Fault Notification is a customer selectable service feature.

Note that performance reporting is not currently available for On Demand services.

Planned maintenance

When planned works are required, the customer will normally be notified in advance as per the following timeline:

10 days - Service-Affecting planned works

Typically, planned works occur after 20:00 GMT on weekdays. For emergency changes, Colt endeavours to give 72 hours’ notice; however, on some occasions, this is not viable and the work will be done in much shorter timescales with supporting justification and reason.

You will then be asked to add the demarcation details where you want the cross connect to terminate (i.e. the location of your equipment in the data centre). You will also need to upload an LOA, which grants Colt the authority to order the cross connect to your rack location.

*Note* this feature should be used where a customer wants to order a DC cross connect from Colt.

Performance objectives

Service Availability

The performance objectives of the service are included in the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Service availability is defined in full in the SLA, which is a separate document and includes details of the rebates if the targets are not met.

Fault handling

Faults can be reported via the local telephone numbers which are shown in the Support section of the On Demand portal, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The period when the service was not available will be measured from the time such condition is reported by the customer and a trouble ticket is opened by Colt to the point when Colt resolves the trouble ticket and informs the customer that the service is available. The customer shall be deemed to have been informed of service availability if Colt has unsuccessfully tried to contact the customer.

Fault handling is defined in full in the Service Level Agreement (SLA).

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