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Everything you need to know about Colt On Demand

On Demand Knowledge Centre

On Demand is Colt’s SDN-enabled network connectivity platform, which provides real time and flexible connectivity between data centre & enterprise locations, major cloud providers and the public internet.

On Demand services are requested via a real time web portal, allowing customers to order and configure data connectivity services and bypass the traditional service delivery process.

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Join the on demand revolution - introducing Colt On Demand!


Your On Demand journey starts here: register for Colt On Demand, customer accounts, demo portal access:

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Access a wide range of locations via the On Demand platform:

Computer host port

Order a port in near real time, request a data centre cross connect:

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On Demand connections between ports in data centre and enterprise locations


Connect to one of our cloud service provider partners:

Access the public internet from your enterprise or data centre location:

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Seamlessly create a link with Equinix Fabric through Colt On Demand


Real time delivery across existing capacity vs new physical network capacity.

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Flex your bandwidth to suit your changing business needs.

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Select a pricing model that works for you.

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Integrate Colt On Demand with your own IT platforms

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Learn about On Demand resilience here!

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Learn how to raise and view a ticket or contact the Colt technical support desk

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See the On Demand portal in action!