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“Never has it been more important to consider our impact on the world around us, on the environment, on our people and on the communities in which we live and work.”  – Keri Gilder, CEO

As well as being the right thing to do, there are clear benefits to a more gender balanced workforce and this has been a key part of our Inclusion & Diversity strategy for a number of years. We want our talented women to thrive at work because a gender balanced workforce benefits everyone.

The release of our 2021 Gender Pay Gap report is an opportunity for Colt to reflect on progress. While our gender pay gap is narrowing, we have more to do and this is a continuous commitment.

We know it’s important to involve everyone in driving an inclusive culture  – from our leaders and people managers to every individual contributor. This is why we have threaded inclusion through our employee values and have introduced Conscious Inclusion as mandatory training. Our current focus is on embedding inclusion into our ways of working across the full employee experience.

We have a clear action plan in place with collaboration at its centre. Engaging the wider industry and beyond is essential and invaluable in this journey, where we need to see and experience tangible change. For example, the initiatives we are running with our technology partners and the work Colt is doing as part of the TM Forum Diversity & Inclusion Council, to launch the industry’s first Inclusion Diversity Score as an industry key performance indicator.

You can read more about our specific activities in the report below.

Colt Gender Pay Gap Report 2021.

Rachel Collins

25 March 2022

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