au Kabucom Securities Co., Ltd.

Highly agile and flexible network

Deliver highly agile and flexible network for improved user experience

au Kabucom Securities Co., Ltd. is an online brokerage company and is the core company of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG Group)’s online financial services.

“By using Colt for both Internet access and cyber security services, we have enabled stability in our online trading system while significantly reducing TCO. We are very satisfied with the high quality of the Colt IQ Network, which has enabled us to provide greater flexibility in terms of our operations and management, while ensuring a high performance and secure Internet environment for our customers.”

Systems Engineering, Infrastructure Team, Mr. Takahiro Yamazaki & Ms. Tomomi Takahashi

Focusing on digital transformation, innovation and diversity in an era of rapid change, the company is developing and providing cutting-edge services that thoroughly pursue convenience and stability.

Based on the idea that the most important infrastructure resource for online securities is the system, au Kabucom is the only major online securities firm that has achieved a complete in-house system development and operation. In 2018 (their 20th anniversary) , a project was launched to relocate and renovate the system infrastructure of more than 1,000 units to a next-generation data centre to further improve stability and safety. In this context, the Internet environment had to be reviewed as the basis for the online trading system for stocks and currencies for users. “By producing everything from back-office systems to front office systems in-house, we can offer unique services and achieve high management efficiency at the same time. Therefore, securing high-quality, optimal infrastructure resources was an important mission directly related to au Kabucom’s service quality,” said Mr. Yamazaki.

Connectivity overview

Why Colt

“The Internet environment that we reviewed is directly related to the environment for providing interfaces to end users, so it is essential to ensure a highly agile network to achieve a superior customer experience. The deciding factor in choosing Colt IP Access was the balance between quality and price, after comparing and reviewing multiple providers for network implementation,” recalled Mr. Yamazaki. He continued, “In terms of quality, Colt has a proven track record in the financial industry and is recognised as a top provider by the Japan Exchange Group (JPX), which is a testament to the stability and reliability of Colt’s network.”  Colt has achieved high cost-performance by utilising its fibre and IP infrastructure. Colt IP Access reduced the TCO by 36% after its implementation without compromising the performance of the existing environment, according to Mr. Yamazaki.

Since personal information, such as user account information, is handled on the Internet, ensuring security was the primary requirement. Hit by a major DDoS attack in 2017, the company has particularly strict requirements for cyber security measures. The company decided to introduce Colt IP Guardian (DDoS protection service) and Colt Managed Firewall as an addition to Colt IP Access.

“We have determined that the integration of network and cyber security services will increase flexibility and speed in terms of operations as well as management. Colt provides its services globally, and we were attracted by its knowledge of cyber-attacks, not only in Japan but from overseas,” said Mr. Yamazaki.

“We really appreciate the Colt sales and support teams who responded with quick and precise proposals for our requests, which helped us reduce unnecessary costs of running the old system in parallel during the data centre relocation project. We have completed the relocation from the request for proposal to the opening in a short period.” added Mr. Takahashi.

Going forward

In expanding the number of users, au Kabucom is considering a complete shift from on-premise to cloud operations to enhance the system, including its flexibility.

“au Kabucom is in a phase of growth as a digital financial company. We hope that Colt will continue to support us in providing stable services and expanding our business as a network partner that goes beyond a simple network provider” (Mr. Yamazaki).


au Kabucom


Securities and commodity futures trading business


Deliver highly agile and flexible network for improved user experience


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