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24/7 internet security solution thanks to DDoS protection.

Internet security is one of the greatest challenges facing business today. Denial of service (DDOS) attacks in particular can devastate an eCommerce business. Cyber-criminals are always working to find and exploit any vulnerability. So you need a dedicated Internet Security Service that’s always working for you. Colt’s specialists work around the clock and, if there’s a breach, can stop hackers in their tracks.


Gain greater peace of mind with our advanced network security. We actively mitigate against DDoS attacks. And can block threats before they reach you and your firewall. Protect the business against revenue loss without needing to spend big on hardware, software, or extra people. Our managed security services don’t require you to get any hardware or software. And we take care of all the updates and performance.

Protect your business’ reputation – even if security is breached. We safeguard confidential internal information and guarantee to keep you fully operational.


With Colt DDoS protection, you get an entire team of IT-security specialists to help protect your business. Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) experts can analyse and diagnose any security concern. We work 24/7 so can mitigate live security issues as they develop in real-time and work fast to protect you.

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Objectway selected Colt as a partner in this renovation process and was able to rely on an extremely stable national and international MPLS network, utilising protective circuits with different routings in order to ensure resiliency.

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