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Despite the popularity of email, messaging applications, and video calling, voice still forms the lifeblood of the technology infrastructure for most businesses. It is an inclusive, accessible and affordable method of communication that facilitates continuous collaboration between employees, partners and customers.


Until now, voice networks have been managed separately from IP networks. With the trend to optimize costs and become more productive through improved workforce mobility, businesses across Europe are increasingly switching from traditional TDM telephony to SIP trunking. SIP trunking is a VoIP protocol that allows companies to communicate with each other over the Internet.


Since your partners, employees and customers rely on voice communications, it is important that SIP trunking is always available and that calls are not susceptible to online security threats.


The protection of the SIP service

When implementing a SIP trunking service, the first step is to ensure the resilience of the network. By incorporating resilience at every level of the network, you can ensure that inbound and outbound calls are always available and of good quality to ensure an optimal user experience. Users don’t even notice any problems and can conduct their business uninterrupted as calls are routed seamlessly.


Service outages are a threat we all would rather not think about, but preparing for the worst is vital to keep the SIP trunking service up and running. Disaster recovery and business continuity planning protect your business from anomalous events that could disrupt inbound and outbound calls. Among the anomalous events could be an interruption of the power supply or a transport strike, all situations that create the need to work from different locations than normal. The ability to divert numbers to new locations and reroute sets of numbers to different prefixes or mobile numbers enables the company to continue to work as usual, even in the event of a major unforeseen event.


SIP protection

It seems that not a week goes by without news of a company hit by a cyber attack, which often leads to the loss of sensitive customer data or intellectual property, destroying the reputation of the affected company. When implementing a SIP trunking service, you need to ensure that it is safeguarded in the same way as any other mission-critical technology in the business. The easiest way to prevent phone calls from being hacked is to encrypt them. Make sure your SIP trunking service provider offers encryption, otherwise sensitive data could be at risk.


As is often the case in this field, many see security as a secondary aspect, which only becomes relevant when there is a breach. But by then it’s too late. Since voice communication is a fundamental asset for the company, it is imperative to protect it from the unexpected. Thousands of companies across Europe are already increasing efficiency and savings with SIP trunking, protecting organizations from online security threats. Don’t be outdone.


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08 October 2014

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