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Figo Wu – Sales Support Executive

For The Colt Charity Challenge, I am aiming to run 5km during my lunch breaks.

As an ambassador and organiser of The Colt Charity Challenge in Dalian, it’s been my job to spread the word about the challenge amongst my colleagues. My goal is to encourage everyone to join the challenge and raise as much money as possible for the Dalian Red Cross. The Colt Charity Challenge isn’t just about work; it’s about making a difference to children in need.

I came to Colt looking for a new challenge. The one and a half years I have worked at Colt have been a pleasure – even the people you don’t know are friendly and helpful. So it made perfect sense to get involved with the Charity Challenge so I can give back, not just to charity but to the wider Colt community. Not only is this a great opportunity to raise money, but it’s also an amazing way of staying connected. We’ve been working from home for such a long time, and now we can finally come together with a joint goal and purpose. We’re connecting with so many people from all over the world, and now we can form a group and achieve our goals together.

I’m aiming to run 5km during my lunch breaks at the gym for as many days of the challenge that I can. I’m also planning on making my way over the Xinghai Bay Cross-Sea Bridge in Dalian (6.8km), and walking 13km over the weekends. The way we’ve tried to reach our goal as a group is to divide ourselves into teams. The team who does the most kilometres is going to be rewarded!

For me, running is all about having confidence. When I first started running at the end of July last year, I found it really quite tough. Now, after pushing myself more and more, I run three to four times a week. What’s motivated me is my drive to stay healthy, keep fit and build up my confidence with personal challenges. Covid-19 put a halt to my fitness routine because all the gyms in my area closed and people were told not to go outside. Now that these restrictions are being lifted I’m back at it – and it’s been made even more enjoyable doing it in a team with my fellow Colties.

The Colt Charity Challenge is a great opportunity to help others and work towards our social responsibility goals. So to anyone reading this blog – I hope that you too can join in with the challenge and enjoy the exercise. And to the people who want to start running, my advice would be to just get out there, keep going, and you will get better.

To donate to your chosen charity and get involved in The Colt Charity Challenge, click here!

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