Colt provides Europe with the Channel’s most capable cables

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In partnership with Getlink, Colt will replace the fibre optics that run through the Eurotunnel with cables that are capable of an ultra-low latency, terabit per second connection – all within the secure hallway of the tunnel itself, and at speeds the fastest the tunnel has ever seen.

Connecting the United Kingdom to France via an underwater 51-kilometre underwater railway, the Eurotunnel has transported millions of vehicles, passengers and terabits of data between Britain and Europe since 1994.

Colt is furnishing the tunnel with G.652D fibre optics that are more than twice as wide in diameter as conventional cables. A sturdier optic means it is less susceptible to bending – a disadvantage above ground – but subsea, the confine of the tunnel provides a safe space for cables made with extra fibres. The less you need to splice your cables, the longer you can make them; the longer you can make your cables, the faster the connection. The added capacity means the cables can transfer more data at once, and are future-proof too: if a higher bandwidth is needed in the future, only the transmitter and receiver need upgrading and not the cables themselves.

Using fibre optic cables with high bandwidth, designed for longer distances, means that those who rely on ultra-low latency can do so knowing that their data is travelling across the Channel’s most capable connection. Capital markets, traders and cloud-based, voice-enabled enterprises will benefit: the industries with the most stringent requirements on a fast, reliable network.

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