Finding the right partner to connect the Middle East

Published by Colt Technology Services on July 12, 2024

Over the past decade I have frequently traveled to the Middle East, particularly Dubai and Riyadh, and every time I’m impressed by the rapid pace of change and development. The region is evolving into a strategic centre, particularly as a financial hub. This transformation is evident in the collective vision shaping the region’s future for the coming years and decades. It’s one of just the reasons why I’m particularly excited about the new addition of the Middle East to our extensive network reach.

Reason #1 – Market potential

This is a rapidly growing region, both for local companies and for those based in Europe setting up a local presence. The UAE’s banking and financial sector grew by 11.1% in the last year, according to The Central Bank of the UAE and 19,056 new companies joined as members of Dubai Chamber of Commerce during Q1 2024, representing year-over-year (YoY) growth of 17.6%.

Reason #2 – The growth and importance of technology and digital infrastructure

As we’re seeing growth in these key economies, we’re also seeing growth in the technology and digital infrastructure market to support it.  The UAE Cloud Computing Market is estimated to reach USD 18.4 Billion by 2032 with a CAGR of 38.2% and our addition of a new PoP in Dubai is one of many expansions taking place.

Reason #3 – Colt is the perfect partner

The final reason is perhaps the most important. For companies looking to expand to the Middle East, Colt is in a very strong position to support them. We have the infrastructure, the partnerships and the knowledge to help customers make the most of this exciting potential.

If you’re looking at expanding to the Middle East, here are five tips on finding the right digital infrastructure partner.

  1. Find someone who can offer a single global network, enabling consistent performance and the ability to easily apply security protocols globally ensuring regulatory compliance and reporting
  2. Find a partner with global and regional expertise – whether in-house or through their own partner network
  3. Ensure your infrastructure gets you to all the right places – whether that’s cloud exchanges, financial market data feeds or global locations
  4. Build in in resilience and reliability – find a tier one provider who can offer multiple route options for network diversity and resiliency
  5. Customer experience matters – expanding to a new market brings risk and new challenges, so finding a partner with a reputation for customer experience will smooth the bumps in the road

If you’d like to find out more about how Colt can help, get in touch with us today.

Maajid Khan, Regional Sales Director, Financial and Professional Services

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