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Keri Gilder is #20 on the EMpower Ethnic Minority Top 50 Advocates List 2021

I’m incredibly proud to have been included in this year’s Empower Ethnic Minority Role Model Lists 2021, supported by Yahoo Finance. Being named alongside 50 others in the Advocate List, it’s inspiring to hear about the important work done across every industry to drive equality in business and break down barriers at work for ethnic minorities.

At Colt, we understand the power of diversity, and as a company that operates in over 30 countries worldwide, we celebrate the differences of our Colties. Our fantastic employee-led YOUnited network was created to promote cross-cultural understanding and create an environment at Colt where anyone can flourish regardless of their race, ethnicity, faith or cultural background.

Throughout the year, YOUnited are busy educating and celebrating each other through events, collaborating with and supporting colleagues and local communities from across the world to make positive change, and supporting the career development of its members. Last month, the team ran an impressive series of Ramadan events. The whole of Colt was invited to join in Ramadan and fast for a day and to take part in different workshops on Arabic language, geometry and calligraphy.

Ramadan’s purpose – to connect, reflect, and improve oneself mentally and spiritually – are positive actions I think everyone can benefit from practising. They are also tied to being a true ally. We need to connect with each other and underrepresented groups, listen to and believe their experiences, reflect on our own thinking and behaviour and make real changes for the better.

Going forwards, I’m going to continue to help others that maybe have a harder way to the top because of a lack of diversity or a lack of inclusion. I’m also excited about the positive change Colt can make together. Not only does the company play a critical role in the digital ecosystem, I feel we can also play a role in creating a sector that powers the way the world works, and one that makes our environments more inclusive, connected and supportive, so that everyone is lifted up and celebrated.

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