SD WAN in Banking & Financial Services

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SD WAN is finally gathering momentum in the Banking and Financial Services market, driven by the need to migrate services to the cloud to deliver a better customer experience. The industry has been slow to adopt compared to other sectors, losing out on the chance for a cost efficient network with improved visibility and easier management, instead sticking with more traditional networks.

The need for B&FS firms to move to a more customer centric, digital model, as well as the pressures brought about as a result of the pandemic and the need to manage a highly distributed workforce has meant cloud adoption in B&FS is accelerating. SD WAN is now also set to become a key enabler. The need for greater flexibility, scalability and managing a highly distributed set of applications and services across internal data centres and cloud providers means firms can accelerate the move to a more digital and client centric model. The main barriers around adoption of SD WAN technology include security, regulatory complicance, return on investment and corporate trust – find out more by downloading our guide today.

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