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As businesses and countries reopen, Colt continues to carefully monitor the spread and impact of Covid-19. Since the start of the outbreak we have made significant changes to our organisation to allow us to operate remotely, continue to deliver exceptional service and to support a major increase in bandwidth demand.

We are following World Health Organisation (WHO), Centre of Disease Control (CDC) and local authority advice globally and in the cities and regions where we operate. Our priority remains the safety of our employees, customers and partners.

What we're doing:

Our experienced BCM and Health & Safety teams continue to work around the clock to monitor and manage the situation.

We operate to the ISO 22301:2019 standard where all identified critical business functions have proven business continuity plans.

We operate a global network and has multiple operational centres around the world with strong and well-tested continuity plans.

We have remote working capabilities for employees in all regions, to ensure our service is as consistent as possible.

We are working closely with our critical supply chain to manage and mitigate any potential impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

All Colt offices are now open, with Colt employees able to attend on a voluntary basis. Subject to local COVID-19 case rates and other criteria, there are safety measures in place at each of our sites and we are carefully adhering to local regulations and guidelines.  

COVID safe protocols at our sites include:

  • Clear instructional signage
  • Visitor signing in protocols – health declaration included

Please speak to your Colt contacts to find out the safety measures place at your nearest Colt site.

The Colt Covid-19 case management procedure includes steps to identify and escalate, a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19 infection.

This procedure includes the roles and responsibilities for:

  • Site Facilities teams
  • Health and Safety teams
  • HR teams
  • Security teams

This procedure is Incident Managed centrally through the Colt 24x7 Corporate Emergency Responders and includes provisions for both Colt and customer/third party locations such as:

  • Deep cleaning
  • Track and trace

Due to the Covid-19 case management document containing company and personal sensitive data, and in compliance with ISO27001, GDPR and our Code of Conduct requirements, we are not able to share this document publicly.

We have implemented additional cleaning and safety measures at each of our locations. These vary depending on local COVID-19 data and local government recommendations.

While many of our team have been working from home since the start of the pandemic, new instructions and equipment have been provided to those attending customer sites and nodes. This includes specific Health and Safety instructions and full PPE, including face coverings, gloves and hand sanitiser.

Colt has implemented a series of HR policies to support our people and ensure nobody feels they have to work when feeling unwell. This includes guaranteeing a minimum of 90 days fully paid sick leave for any colleagues who contract COVID-19 and setting aside €250,000 to help those who may experience financial hardship over this period. Colt has also implemented protocols across the organisation for management of suspected cases and anyone who should test positive for COVID-19.

  • For those who are required to visit Colt sites, we ask all visitors follow World Health Organisation hygiene practices
  • Access to Colt sites is subject to local government restrictions and guidance and local safety measures
  • We ask all visitors to confirm:
    • That they have not contracted flu or have had flu-like symptoms, with a temperature above 37.5°C or a new and persistent cough
    • They have not been or not being aware of having been, in close contact with a person affected by COVID-19
    • Not having received communication from the authorities about close contact with a person infected by COVID-19.

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Should you have any concerns, please contact your account manager. For information relating to Colt Data Centre Services, please visit us here.