Colt & Covid-19:

How we're helping you stay connected

LAST UPDATED: 26.05.2020

As news develops around the spread of Coronavirus, Colt is continuing to carefully monitor the situation. Our Business Continuity (BCM) and Health and Safety teams have well-established pandemic plans that have been put into place and we are prepared for any potential impact to our network or operations.

We are following World Health Organisation (WHO), Centre of Disease Control (CDC) and local authority advice globally and in the cities and regions affected. Our priority remains the safety of our employees, customers and partners.

What we're doing:

We have experienced BCM and Health & Safety teams working around the clock to monitor and manage the situation.

We operate to the ISO 22301:2019 standard where all identified critical business functions have proven business continuity plans.

We operate a global network and has multiple operational centres around the world with strong and well-tested continuity plans.

We have remote working capabilities for employees in all regions, to ensure our service is as consistent as possible.

We are working closely with our critical supply chain to manage and mitigate any potential impacts.

Our network

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have observed a significant shift in traffic on internet peering edge network points facing PTTs, home ISPs, content and cloud providers, We have the capacity to absorb this increase and continue to provision additional network capacity at different layers on our network:

High capacity private network interconnects and peering to global Tier 1 network operators

100G ports to top internet exchange points – LINX, LONAP, FRANCE-IX, DECIX and AMSIX

Network backbone capacity upgrades on multiple 100G ports to scale traffic increase in the core network

Upgrade and augmentation of access network routers for additional edge port capacity to serve Ethernet and IP services across 400 DCs and sites around the globe.

Operations & service delivery

In March we announced an update on how we’re delivering and managing services. These changes, prioritising customers delivering critical infrastructure and services and minimising work that requires Colt engineers to access customer sites, are now slowly being lifted.

Our priority will always be the safety of our employees, partners and customers, so we will continue to carefully monitor the situation and only ease restrictions when it is safe and practical to do so, taking into account a number of factors at a national and local level.

As of 26 May 2020, we are able to deliver new services and attend to a wider range of repairs in all countries, subject to local access restrictions.

This means that we are able to deliver services for all new customers and attend to all customer faults, including any service degradation,  subject to access restrictions from customers, building owners or local authorities. Work will only be carried out where our employees or partners can fully comply with safety guidelines.

All these updates are subject to change at short notice, particularly if restrictions are put back into place or Covid-19 cases increase.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are still accepting new customer orders. Where we can deliver new voice and data services and upgrades remotely we will continue to do so. However, any delivery activities requiring external site visits will not be conducted before 29 May 2020, unless the business falls into a category listed above. This also applies to existing orders where work has not yet started. We are constantly assessing the situation and will update you if this date changes.

For repairs and installations where site access is required, all Colt employees and partners will be closely following advice from the World Health Organisation and the relevant local authorities.

  • We have reviewed the resilience of our critical suppliers and there is no business impact anticipated at this point. Our suppliers have Business Continuity Plans in place.
  • We are continuing to monitor the situation and reviewing the status of our critical suppliers.

We have also seen a significant increase in voice traffic over our network. Colt has a high capacity voice backbone benefiting from our wholly owned fibre network – and our network has significant spare capacity and the ability to increase it quickly. We are seeing high traffic at voice interconnection points across Europe and are working with our partners to manage this. We have been able to re-route traffic or increase capacity to mitigate new peaks in demand and are proactively adding capacity for countries where we perceive there to be an imminent increase in traffic.

Number porting is operating business as usual in most countries, with restrictions in Portugal for the small number of cases where civil works are required. 

Most of our offices remain open only for those employees unable to work remotely, with increased cleaning and health and safety measures implemented. Any return for the rest of our employees will be carefully planned and managed. We have also implemented guidelines for Colt employees and partners required to visit customer or third party sites.

  • We ask all visitors to Colt offices to follow World Health Organisation hygiene practices and to consider the need for face to face meetings.
  • Access to Colt sites is subject to local government restrictions and guidance
  • We ask all visitors to confirm:
    • That they have not contracted flu or have had flu-like symptoms, with a temperature above 37.5°C or a new and persistent cough
    • They have not been or not being aware of having been, in close contact with a person affected by Covid-19
    • Not having received communication from the authorities about close contact with a person infected by Covid-19.


All Colt offices are still operating a mandatory work from home policy for all employees able to work remotely, with the exception of Dalian where we are staggering a soft work from home policy for staff returning to the office. Additional checks and cleaning have been implemented for the safety of all those who need to be on-site.

As some countries start to ease restrictions, we will be carefully evaluating these on a case-by-case basis. As of now this does not change our approach and we will advise customers when it does.  

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Should you have any concerns, please contact your account manager. For information relating to Colt Data Centre Services, please visit us here.