3 things to consider when selecting your global voice solution

Clear and reliable communication has never been more important, with voice products relied upon by global workforces to communicate with customers and employees.

Customers need to be able to contact your organisation easily across your footprint. They still value calling as a method to reach an organisation and resolve their issues, so maintaining a high-quality service to support this is vital. Especially as a drop in quality in any location can result in a negative customer experience.

Selecting a voice solution that resolves these challenges can be tricky and can deflect your focus from core tasks. To help, we have created a three-point list of what you need to consider when choosing a voice solution for your business:

  1. Simplicity

With employees in multiple countries it’s essential to be able to easily manage and co-ordinate your voice solution across your footprint. To manage this effectively you need a voice solution which can be provided through a single global supplier, to cover all your needs and reduce complexity. This means a single contract, a single invoice payment and a single operating contact, all avoiding the challenges that local solutions bring. An example of this is by having a centralised PBX there is no need to have local service or equipment. This removes the need to procure with a local supplier and even prevents the need for an expensive maintenance contract. So, both procurement and administration costs are reduced.

  1. Coverage

With the global landscape constantly changing, you may want to look to the future and your coverage will need to support this. You will need to make sure your voice solution not only covers your current global footprint – but your future one. This means finding a supplier who is actively looking to increase their footprint with you and it needs to be supported by a Quality of Service that guarantees high-quality performance.

  1. Regulatory Compliance

Across the world regulations for voice vary drastically. This means you need a solution that offers full regulatory compliance in all your geographies, so you are fully protected. This is essential – not having full compliance may result in you needing to develop this knowledge yourself (which is time-consuming and expensive) or may force you to work with local providers (which is complex). For example, in Italy and Singapore to have a geographic number you need a site in that location, while in other countries such as France and Japan, you do not need a physical address to get a geographic number.

At Colt, we believe in transforming the way the world works through the power of connectivity. Throughout our footprint, we offer a fully regulatory compliant solution, so you can resolve all your inbound and outbound voice needs through us, which allows you to focus on your core business practices.


John Baldwin, Voice Product Director at Colt

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