998, 999, 1,000. We’ve hit two industry-leading milestones

We’ve increased our connectivity to data centres and cloud on-ramps, hitting two industry-leading milestones. Colt now connects to over 1,000 data centres and 225 cloud on-ramps in Europe, Asia Pacific and North America, more than any other network provider in Europe and Asia. During the past decade, public cloud and neutral data centres have become critical foundations for enterprise IT infrastructure. With ever more enterprise IT workloads hosted in public clouds and data centres, connectivity to the cloud is essential in defining the end-to-end performance.

In our 2021 Cloud Research, we polled 400 senior IT decision-makers. Only four people, that’s one percent of respondents, said they had no applications in the cloud. Not only are our customers heavily using cloud applications, but they’re also continuing to store their data off-premise, in public data centres. Bringing enterprises closer to the cloud and their data centres delivers reduced latency, consistently high performance and increased resiliency.

Since 1992, our network expansion has consistently focused on building a network to match our customer’s needs. 47% of our cloud research respondents have expressed the need for lower latency to support use cases such as API integration, real-time application integration and access to market data, which we can support through our increased connectivity.

Besides better latencies, the increased number of connections also adds benefits like network diversity and resilience, which we deliver securely over the Colt IQ Network. Because we deliver these connections over our fully owned infrastructure, businesses can choose from any of Colt’s 29,000 enterprise locations and where capacity is available, have this connection delivered On Demand in minutes.

We’ve mainly talked about Ethernet and On Demand connectivity, but there are lots of ways you may want to connect to the cloud. Still not sure what route to the cloud is best for you? Check out our cloud connectivity guide to find out more.

Peter Coppens, VP Product Portfolio, Colt Technology Services

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