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One thing has stood out in Colt’s 30-year history: our commitment to customer experience.

Despite a wealth of competition, customers continue to choose Colt and value our service more than any other carrier, with a Net Promotor Score (NPS) to prove it. And as enterprises look for automation, self-serve portals and a consumption-based approach, Colt has doubled its focus on customer experience, putting it front and centre of the company’s new vision and purpose.

Last year we launched our new tagline, extraordinary connections, reflecting the impact that we have on our customers’ businesses and the value of the work we do. Now we’ve updated our company vision – to be the digital infrastructure company that the world’s leading businesses choose to connect with, and our purpose – we put the power of the digital universe in the hands of our customers wherever, whenever and however they want.

To explain why we decided to make the change, we spoke to some of the team at Colt to hear more about their thoughts on the new brand vision and purpose.

“We put the power of the digital universe in the hands of our customers with world-class infrastructure and on-demand solutions,” says a proud Jaya Deshmukh, Colt’s Executive Vice President of Strategy & Transformation. As businesses look for consumption-based digital infrastructure, Jaya says that giving customers the tools they need to control their connection is an essential factor for businesses with an eager eye on the future. “Our updated story represents how well we listen to our customers; we know what they want and how to help them.”

“We shape our services to our customer’s needs with an ecosystem of the world’s leading digital service providers, partners and people,” says Laura Perrott, the Global Director of Digital & Brand at Colt. She goes on to explain how offering tailored, bespoke solutions to businesses, whatever their requirements may be, is an approach that shaped the foundation supporting the new brand messaging. “Colt’s refreshed identity represents our commitment to serving our customers to the highest possible standard, reflecting the changes in the market over the past few years. The market and our customers have changed, and so has Colt.”

“We build a better future, together, by pioneering new technologies and ensuring the sustainability of the solutions we share,” Kelsey Hopkinson, Vice President of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) at Colt, tells us. She explains that technology and digital infrastructure are vital in making the world more sustainable. Alongside our SBTi-approved carbon reduction goals, Colt is committed to helping its customers become more sustainable. From smart buildings to algorithm-led farming, from green vehicles to telehealth, Kelsey stresses how much potential digital infrastructure has in protecting the planet’s future, so it’s no wonder that sustainability is one of the pillars supporting the brand’s refresh.

“We create extraordinary experiences for our customers because our talented and diverse people genuinely care about them,” explains Colt’s Rachel Collins, Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I). The thousands of employees at Colt, based in over 30 countries, are the heartbeat of the brand’s ethos, making customer satisfaction the most important objective for us. “Colt’s people are as diverse as the solutions we offer customers. We’re doing even more work to ensure that it is an equitable, inclusive workplace for our current employees and the future generation. I’m unbelievably proud that Colt is elevating DE&I into the fabric of the brand’s identity, and doing so only promises a bright future.”

Thousands of customers have already chosen the Colt experience. If you’re as customer-obsessed as we are, find out more on our homepage or contact our sales team today and let us help you make extraordinary connections.

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