Colt & Lumen EMEA integration: IDC reports behind the scenes

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As we work through the integration of Lumen EMEA into the Colt business, we wanted to share insights from behind the scenes on our progress so far and what’s coming up next. For this, we’ve sponsored IDC to write a series of Spotlight papers that cover the integration on the topics of people and culture, networks, and products and solutions.

Download the first IDC Spotlight paper ‘Colt and Lumen EMEA Integration: Bringing People Together':

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by Chris Silberberg

IDC Research Manager, European Telco Insights

Series background

In November 2023, we acquired Lumen EMEA. In practical terms, this included the acquisition of:

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1,300 employees across 16 countries

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1,630,031km of fibre connecting 125 European cities in 34 EMEA countries

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11,000km of metropolitan network in 24 countries

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12 cable landing stations in six countries

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10 subsea cable systems - six transatlantic and four within Europe

The acquisition elevates us to one of the world’s largest business-to-business digital infrastructure companies and an influential global player. Since we broke the news, there has been a great level of interest from customers, partners and prospects on how the integration is progressing.

In this new series, IDC look into key aspects of the integration and share their perspective on the underlying drivers, our progress so far and areas to focus on.

IDC will be creating three short papers (Vendor Spotlights) and one video across the remainder of 2024.

The paper topics are:

Available now

Bringing People Together

Written by IDC Analyst Chris Silberberg, the first paper looks into the critical role of people in acquisitions and how we're merging the two teams.

Coming soon

Bringing Networks Together

Paper two will be written by IDC Analysts Len Padilla and Bruno Teyton and will look at how we're integrating the Lumen EMEA network assets and managing the customer experience.

Coming soon

Bringing Products & Solutions Together

The third and final paper will look at how we're bringing together the Colt and Lumen EMEA product and solution portfolios.