Introducing the Colt Partner Hub: delivering customer value through our partner ecosystem

Published by Colt Technology Services on March 19, 2021

Enterprises need flexible infrastructure to succeed in today’s digital economy. Forward thinking business needs are driven by customer application strategies that combine the power of applications, cloudification, edge computing and networking to provide agile and innovative connectivity.

These services require an ecosystem of providers working together to deliver a complete solution to the end customer.

At Colt we connect the digital society, collaborating and innovating with different sectors and partners from technology providers to cloud service providers, system integrators and other telco companies to enable our customers across the world.

As enterprises continue to digitally transform and connectivity requirements become more complex, cooperation, collaboration and co-creation within our partner ecosystem will be fundamental to delivering value to our end customers. Working together will also bring value to our partners; accelerating innovation, creativity and improving the overall customer experience we can deliver.

To deliver the most value for our partners and customers across the world, we need to move away from project driven collaboration to deliberate and creative partnership that is proactively shaped and strategically implemented.

Enter the Colt Partner Hub: a partnership programme launching this week that enables partnership by design, not by chance. It is intended to maximise the value of our partnerships to deliver innovative solutions to customers and will create mutual value for Colt, our partners and end customers globally.

The Partner Hub will provide a structured process around our partner development, from selection and onboarding to complete lifecycle management. Development will be ongoing with a continuous improvement ethos in mind to maximise the joint creation of business value.

The Colt Partner Hub is deeply rooted in Colt’s three-year strategy and organisational structure. Announced in November last year, the new strategy was designed to take what’s always been in Colt’s DNA and ensure the business in the best possible position to remain a prominent player in the connectivity ecosystem and an enabler of enterprises’ digital transformations.

As Colt and its partners come together through the Partner Hub, we will unlock and amplify our joint value, delivering the best of our industry to end customers. We are excited to embark on this next stage of partnership and innovation; there’s lots to look forward to for Colt, our partners and our customers across the world.

Mark Hollman is VP Market Development (Interim) at Colt Technology Services

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