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There’s never been a better time to migrate to VoIP

09 Apr 2014

Colt VoIP Access provides all the benefits of Colt telephony, delivered over an IP connection. If you are using an IP-based private branch exchange (IP PBX) then connecting to Colt with IP is a cost-effective solution that unlocks the benefits…

Business transformation is putting the IT department to the test

04 Apr 2014

As the world of business continues to evolve, we all face the challenge of trying to keep up with technology and the increasing pressures from this fast paced environment. But perhaps no one more so than today’s CIO.CIOs need to…

EUROVISION future proofs for on-demand, high-quality, live content

03 Apr 2014

Like most people, I expect a high quality of service from my broadcast provider(s). Whether I am watching sporting events or news coverage, I expect to do so without interruptions or delays to programming. If a broadcaster falls foul of…

Nutzung von Cloud Computing im Mittelstand

01 Apr 2014

36 Prozent der deutschen Mittelständler nutzen Dienste aus der Cloud, weitere 22 Prozent planen deren Einsatz. 42 Prozent der KMU nehmen jedoch aktuell keinerlei Cloud-Services in Anspruch und planen dies auch nicht. Das sind Ergebnisse einer aktuellen Studie von TecChannel…

Mittelstand erwartet Wachstum: Mehr Investitionen in ITK geplant

01 Apr 2014

2014 wird ein gutes Jahr. Der Markt für Produkte und Dienstleistungen mittelständischer Unternehmen boomt. Laut einer Studie des Bundesverbands mittelständische Wirtschaft (BVMW) erwarten 38 Prozent deutscher Mittelständler höhere Umsätze im laufenden Jahr. Vergleichbare Umfragen in Österreich und der Schweiz kamen…

Technologie für Startups

01 Apr 2014

2014 verspricht, das Jahr für innovative Kleinunternehmen zu werden. Kurz nach der Lockerung der Regeln für staatliche Beihilfen, die den EU-Mitgliedsstaaten eine direktere Unterstützung kleiner Unternehmen ermöglicht, startet das European Horizon 2020 Project, das drei Milliarden Euro bereitstellt, um innovativen…

Cloud is a business reality – not a fashion

01 Apr 2014

“Cloud” now feels as though it is here to stay, even for businesses. Unlike the previous false dawns such as “ASP”, the cloud really is delivering efficiencies today for consumers and businesses alike. The whole world of mobile devices is…

How teamwork can help disadvantaged children

01 Apr 2014

Youth unemployment is a global issue many parties are tackling, from governments through to charities, NGOs and fortunately, even businesses. Even before unemployment, younger people experience violence, malnutrition, lack of care, trauma. Millions are struggling from a bad start. At…

Business continuity in the digital age

31 Mar 2014

Business Continuity has become much more prevalent in the digital age simply because there are many more points of failure than there used to be. Natural disasters, staff sickness, transport failures, and power outages have been around since business began,…

Data location and CIO strategy

28 Mar 2014

Step back just a few years and the terms ‘data strategy’ and ‘strategic business thinking’ would be two terms unlikely to share the same management or board meeting agenda. Now of course things are very different – they are comfortable…

Building a solid foundation for your business

26 Mar 2014

Businesses increasingly rely on cloud computing to store and process mission critical data and applications. At the same time, their employees want to be able to work using the device of their choice and on the move, instead of being…

Sponsored data: threat or opportunity?

26 Mar 2014

One of the major problems mobile users face is that there is usually an imbalance between the data allowance included in a mobile contract and the requirements of popular mobile applications. As the network evolves and applications using video, pictures…


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