Colt Graduate Scheme

With 25 years’ experience behind us, we wanted to take some of today’s driven graduates and use them to propel us even further as we envision becoming the most customer oriented business in our industry. The fresh outlook that young people provide can only help our networks to continue growing.

That’s why 2017 will see the return of The Colt Graduate Scheme. Across the UK, France and Germany, vacancies will open on the ever popular three year scheme. Colt will be hiring in a range of job roles, including marketing, sales, finance, HR and security.

Over the next three years, these graduates will be given the opportunity not only to learn transferable skills in the workplace, but also to discover new cultures and foster new ideas. With a competitive salary and full employee benefits, Colt is truly committed to rewarding and recognising performance.


Meet Lewis, Business Continuity Senior Analyst

"Having joined the business continuity team straight from Coventry University, I have been able to learn so much about the world of business that I did not know before, whilst being able to take part in CSR activities such as the Colt charity bike ride, helping to raise €250,000 for great causes."

Careers at Colt

Meet Adelle, Future Talent & CSR Manager

"Ensuring we have the right people with the right skills at the right time is imperative. Investing, empowering and inspiring the leaders of tomorrow  is a key pillar to make Colt people - one of our greatest assets - a force to be reckoned with."

Careers at Colt

Working with any of our global teams at Colt, this is an opportunity to not only learn transferable skills in the workplace, but also discover new cultures and foster new ideas. With a competitive salary and full employee benefits, Colt is truly committed to rewarding and recognising performance through a number of measures.

The graduate programme starts in September, is of a rotational nature and lasts for three years. During the first five weeks, graduates will meet their mentor, and learn about the company and its vision from members of the senior management team. They will be provided with training about the systems we use, the products we sell and the ways of the working world. Successful applicants are welcomed on the basis that we believe in them and their ability, so are required to hit the ground running.

Graduates will be given a role in the first year based on both the area they wish to discover and where we at Colt think they will thrive. There is the opportunity to rotate job roles every year of the programme. In the second year of the scheme, there will be the possibility to work abroad in one of our many international locations. Finally, in the third year of the scheme graduates return to their host country for a final placement.


Throughout their time on the scheme, each graduate will have contact with a buddy. This buddy may have joined Colt either as their first or second employer since graduating from university, or may have taken part in a previous Colt graduate scheme. They will encourage open conversation and act as a reference point.

Our graduates work closely with our learning & development teams to progress through a purpose-built online learning platform, developing a suite of business skills ranging from professional networking to budget management.


Being a colt employee is more than just a job title, we pride ourselves on living the Colt values through all aspects, including Corporate Social Responsibility. CSR at Colt believes investing in the future is what matters. With every employee receiving two days of paid leave for volunteering, our employees have the opportunity to give back in a number of ways.

Application Process

Our three step process is efficient and effective, so that you as an applicant and us as employers can find the right fit.

Step 1: We ask a series of questions to be answered via a video recording. This is our opportunity to ask competency questions, understand more about the experiences you have gained so far, and get to know you on a personal level.

Step 2: Once we have reviewed the submissions, all successful candidates will have a telephone interview with one of our Graduate Ambassadors. This is an opportunity for us to ask you further questions and gain a bit more insight into our role preferences, whilst also allowing you the opportunity to ask us any questions you may have.

Step 3: The best candidates from the telephone interview are then invited to an assessment centre. Here, they will be able to demonstrate their relevant skills and prove why they should be chosen to take part in the Colt graduate scheme.

If there is a single thing that defines a Colt person, it’s their ability to make things happen.

Please be aware that applications to join the Colt Graduate Scheme 2017 in the UK and Germany have now closed.

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