Colt's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Colt Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) believes investing in the future is what matters. Delivering business results in a responsible way to our customers, whilst sustainably applying our technology and expertise is key.

With charity partners in every Colt country we encourage our colleagues to volunteer and support local initiatives taking responsibility for the impact our business has on wider society.

Our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) involves sharing ideas with colleagues and customers which result in activities that have a positive impact beyond our daily business activities, both internally and externally.

Our CSR activity is based on 4 key pillars - Our Colleagues, Our Customers, Our Community & Our Charities. Click the links below to find out more:


Our colleagues

With a group of CSR champions in every country where we operate, schemes and initiatives run throughout the year. These champions work tirelessly to innovate, inspire and engage their colleagues to live the Colt values through CSR.

Our Code of Conduct ensures our behaviour, attitude and responsibilities comply with all of the International Labour Organisation’s Fundamental Principles. This code of conduct is agreed to by 100% of our global workforce. We are proud to support diversity and equal opportunities in all of our regions, avoiding unlawful discrimination in all aspects of the employment relationship.

As part of Colt’s global presence we are able to enjoy a diverse workforce represented by 70 different nationalities. Colt’s multicultural environment enables us to effectively work within the numerous communities in which we are based.


Our customers

We help our customers and suppliers reduce their impact on the environment by creating more environmentally friendly, energy efficient technology service alternatives.

Colt’s Network, Voice and Data Centre services support lower emissions for our customers. We are well positioned to support our customers’ own sustainability agenda, providing them with services based on our energy efficient infrastructures that can help them reduce their overall emissions.

Our Procurement and Supply department has surveyed the CSR activity of our top strategic suppliers. Our assessment included a number of ethical and environmental control measures, improving our existing knowledge of our strategic suppliers’ CSR programmes and our capability to prevent CSR-related risks in our supply chain.

Understanding how important CSR is to our customers, we too are also compliant to supplier surveys sharing and demonstrating our commitment to the environment, our global workforce and our own supply chain practices.


Our community & environment

We understand the role we play not only in our local community but also the global industry of technology.

Colt, by providing its innovative technological solutions, recognises its ability to manage, not only its own energy footprint, but also that of its customers, especially those that lease space in our data centres. Our energy management strategies revolve around monitoring and measuring of our consumption and links to our water management, waste management and our Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions.

Our environmental management system has been improved and upgraded in 2018 and we have successfully migrated to the most current ISO 14001:2015 standard. In controlling the impact of its activities and the effect this can have on service delivery and continuity as well as the influence it has on local communities and neighbourhoods, there are several key areas that Colt is focused on:

  • Climate change is a real issue for the technology sector and Colt addresses this through its business continuity and resilience, as well as its emergency preparedness and response activities. We actively manage and monitor natural disaster risk, such as floods and earthquakes, alongside ambient temperature management. We mitigate these issues through careful siting and location planning and adopting best available technologies for cooling solutions.
  • Logistics is recognised as a critical area of our business and we have introduced smarter delivery and storage hubs in order to reduce transportation distances and improve vehicle emissions through better negotiated delivery timings.
  • Waste remains a challenge for any organisation and for Colt this is no different. Through a mixture of corporate and local initiatives, reusable technology is made available to disadvantaged groups (we follow appropriate and verified security protocols when disposing of sensitive equipment). We have refined our waste streams to minimise landfill and maximise waste to energy as appropriate. Specialist projects agree appropriate packaging reductions with manufacturers and suppliers/distributors.
  • Carbon foot printing is improving through better data collection and analysis with emissions details now being joined with flight/travel information. We continue to monitor both internal paper usage globally as well as increasing the take up of e-invoicing.

Colt knows there’s more to do and building on 2018, 2019 and beyond, activities are focused on improving data establishing consistency and reducing cost.


Group Environmental Policy 2022

Environmental Management System Certificate 2022

These policies, signed by our CEO, Keri Gilder, apply to all employees, contractors, premises and activities under the control of COLT, including staff and visitors travelling off and between Colt locations inside the European Union, Switzerland and India on business or on behalf of Colt.


Our charities

With every Colt employee entitled to two paid volunteering days outside of their annual leave we encourage all our employees to get involved with local charities.

Providing a focus point for our activities, every city where we operate has a dedicated charity or community partner, with a common cause to enhancing the lives of young people through education. In 2017 we raised nearly €200,000 alone during our annual charity bike ride event.

We remain committed to charity and volunteering. Our goal is to have a measurable, positive impact on the lives of disadvantaged young people in the cities where we operate.

Below are some of the Colt's CSR Partners:

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