Dedicated Cloud Access & DC Net

At Colt, we understand your business applications are only as good as the network they run on. Our dedicated access to the cloud & data centre solutions bring third party data centres and Cloud Service Providers into the heart of your enterprise.


Dedicated Cloud Access

Colt’s Dedicated Cloud Access (DCA) service gives businesses a superior cloud networking experience when compared to relying on public internet.


IP Access Cloud Prioritisation

Colt Cloud Prioritisation combines the benefits of optimised routing and direct peering infrastructure with traffic prioritisation between customer router and provider edge router.


SD WAN Multi-Cloud

Colt SD WAN Multi-Cloud utilises the extensive, SDN-optimised Colt IQ Network to provide high performance, inexpensive, and secure cloud connectivity directly into Cloud Service Providers (CSPs).


DC Net

DC Net is Colt’s advanced data centre interconnection solution offering direct access to over 900 data centres across Europe, Asia and North America.

How can our Internet Access with Cloud Prioritisation improve the user experience for Teams, Office 365 and other Azure Saas Services?

Colt Cloud Prioritisation is a feature now available for all new and existing IP Access customers which is our most popular networking service. It provides a guaranteed performance for Microsoft Office 365, Windows Virtual Desktop and any other Azure SaaS services when using an Internet connection. Microsoft traffic is prioritised over standard Internet traffic on the customers router and the Colt Edge Router. The service also features a high performance direct peering infrastructure between Colt and Microsoft in 17 European cities.

DCNet – Data Centre Connectivity Services and Dedicated Cloud Access – Cloud Connectivity Services offer high capacity, secure, low latency and reliable private network connectivity between enterprise data centres or office locations and public cloud providers. Business runs faster on the Colt IQ Network, which supports a wide range of bandwidths up to 100 gigabits per second, with several resilience and diversity options.

For customers that require complete control and unprecedented agility, our On Demand network solutions portfolio enables you to create, modify and flex your network bandwidth up and down in real-time, with billing on a pay-as-you-use basis. Fully automated and available through a dedicated portal, DCNet On Demand and Dedicated Cloud Access On Demand eliminate commitment to contracts, allowing you to create and delete a connection dynamically, as well as rent connections on an hourly basis.

‘Connectivity Matters’ and Colt can advise you on setting up the best and most efficient, DCNet and Cloud connectivity for your business with our dedicated, knowledgeable customer support team.


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