Colt IP Guardian

Automated Distributed Denial of Service Attack Mitigation

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are becoming a major risk to service availability of mission critical, internet based applications.  And for Colt IP Access customers, Colt IP Guardian DDoS protection service is the solution. IP Guardian will automatically filter DDoS attacks within seconds and without the necessity for human intervention, rerouting or tunnelling. IP Guardian can protect all Colt IP Access users regardless of the type or number of IP addresses used.

Automated Threat Detection and Mitigation

IP Guardian provides a full suite of countermeasures that remove distributed denial of service attack traffic while enabling the flow of legitimate traffic – all without interrupting the network. It is proven to be effective for detecting and removing threats such as high-volume flood attacks, stealth application-layer attacks and attacks hidden in SSL packets. It supports both IPv4 and IPv6 infrastructure. Fully automated, IP Guardian keep your network and services up 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Mitigation in Seconds

Key to effective mitigation is the ability to identify and block attack traffic while allowing non-attack traffic to flow through to
its intended destination. Whether it’s a high-volume flood attack designed to exhaust bandwidth capacity or a targeted attack looking to bring down a website, IP Guardian can isolate and remove the attack traffic in as fast as a few seconds. Methods include identifying and black-listing malicious hosts, IP location-based mitigation, protocol anomaly-based filtering, malformed packet removal and rate limiting (to gracefully manage non-malicious demand spikes). Mitigations can be automated or left to be manually triggered by the customer.

Real-Time Reporting

Our real-time mitigation dashboard is a single screen that shows users exactly what is generating a DDoS alert and what effect the countermeasures are having on the attack. If requested, It provides the ability to modify countermeasures and delivers full packet capture and decode to get a detailed view of both normal and attack packet streams. This information is stored for future reference and management reporting. All IP Guardian customers will get access to this reporting via a dedicated website.

Unlimited Mitigations

IP Guardian DDoS mitigation is unlimited, A fixed monthly fee covers all mitigations, regardless of the number of mitigations per year or the size of the attack. The customer is charged for clean traffic bandwidth based on the bandwidth of the related IPAccess which will set the price of the service, and there are no additional or hidden costs.

Emergency Protection

Even if you don’t have a DDoS mitigation service with your Colt IP Access, Colt can still provide emergency protection, while under attack or when attack is imminent. IP Guardian Emergency protection does not require any installation and can be activated within hours, for any Colt IP Access customer.

Key Benefits

  • DDoS Protection in the Backbone: Colt implements the DDoS protection directly in the network – no rerouting, tunnelling or specific IP requirements

  • Fully automated mitigation is triggered within seconds, once DDoS attack is detected, and no manual intervention is necessary

  • Unlimited mitigation, no hidden costs: A fixed monthly fee covers all mitigations, regardless of the number of mitigations or the size of the attack

  • High availability:

    The solution is deployed across the Colt IP backbone at strategic locations

  • Flexible:

    Customers can choose to protect just mission critical traffic or all IP ranges

  • Emergency Protection available:

    We are able to protect you on an emergency basis if an attack occurs

  • Excellent customer service:

    Our customer service is always available to help

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