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PrizmNet Online, our self-service portal, is your easy-to-use interface to Colt PrizmNet.

It gives you full control over your PrizmNet services in one place, with near-real-time insight into performance and utilisation, a directory of current PrizmNet providers, and access to technical support and ticketing services.

Colt PrizmNet connects a global capital markets ecosystem of 100+ exchanges, brokers and service providers, and 10,000+ participants.

A single physical connection to Colt PrizmNet gives you immediate access to a global capital markets ecosystem of exchanges, venues, providers of trading and regulatory solutions, and other market participants and service providers (including data feeds). With an advanced portal giving you full control of your services, it’s a fast, cost-effective way to extend your reach and capabilities.

Insight into performance

Advanced network reporting gives you a clear picture of the performance and utilisation of your Colt PrizmNet services in near real time, helping you plan for any changes or upgrades to meet short- or long-term needs.

Easy addition of new connections and services

PrizmNet Online makes it quick and easy to add new services, connect new locations and customer end-points, and add bandwidth to support your trading strategy more efficiently. You can:

You're always in control

At any time, you can track orders for new services, review invoices, get access to technical support and ticketing services, and access information and updates about the Colt PrizmNet service.

Self-service portal

The portal enhances client experience by allowing you to manage technical configuration data and workflows for connection approval. It also gives potential customers of your services the ability to browse, get quotes and order new services online. The Colt PrizmNet portal also offers near real-time network performance reporting of all services and highly granular reporting intro traffic flows.

Superior business focused SLAs

The financial extranet is supported by Colt’s highly reliable and secure network, meaning we have full control over its delivery. That translates into superior service and delivery SLAs, covering availability, performance, delivery and response times.

Reliable and deterministic latency

The private, dedicated infrastructure provides a secure communications platform with guaranteed deterministic low latencies. The engineering, traffic routing and network servicing have been designed to meet the requirements of capital markets firms

The Colt PrizmNet community in the cloud

By connecting to Colt PrizmNet, market participants can also interconnect with an entire community of leading Cloud Service Providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and IBM Cloud. (Link to the datasheet)