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How to connect the Internet of Things

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How to connect the Internet of Things

By Aaron Partouche / October 17, 2019

All over the world, cities are growing at unprecedented scale and this brings a new set of challenges; from space management to mobility, resources, public safety and wellbeing, inclusiveness, employability…

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The 5G hospital illustrates a changing business case for mobile networks

By Mark Gilmour / February 7, 2019

5G certainly isn’t short of potential. But it will require a denser network, additional spectrum and backhaul enhancements. So what’s the business case?

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Wireless Backhaul Solutions

By Colt Technology Services / November 14, 2018

 Based on our owned and operated fibre network, Colt support all kinds of Wireless Service Providers with a range of long range Wireless Backhaul Solutions: from hot spots (WiFi/…

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Amid the 5G headlines, don’t forget the backhaul

By Colt Technology Services / October 8, 2018

September was a busy month for 5G and services are just around the corner from commercial launch – but don’t forget the impact on backhaul networks.

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Specialist backhaul needed to make 5G promise a reality

By Colt Technology Services / March 16, 2018

5G networks require a higher cell site density and each cell must have fibre connectivity. This translates into a requirement for greater fibre density

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Smart cities won’t get smart on their own

By Colt Technology Services / February 9, 2017

Smart cities have won a lot of headlines recently with various independent projects popping up. But what about the possibility of a smart Europe?

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What’s limiting smart city deployment in Europe?

By Colt Technology Services / September 12, 2016

Gartner predicts 6.4 billion connected ‘things’ worldwide by end 2016, but what is limiting smart city deployment and IoT across Europe?

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