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The enterprise of tomorrow is reliant on a digital ecosystem of partners to deliver on their corporate objectives and results. The Colt IQ Network connects these partners to the heart of the intelligent enterprise to deliver greater application performance, availability and return on investment. 

Built up of software vendors, cloud service providers, data centre and technology partners; our digital ecosystem partnerships have been built to ensure your digital transformation delivers on its objectives. Together we have the power to turn your digital transformation into a digital revolution.

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Our Software Partnerships

Our Software Partners represent the critical enterprise applications, databases and workloads that are at heart of enterprises all over the world. The close working relationships we have with global software partners position Colt favourably to support, and be a key enabler of, the digital transformation of enterprises as they embark on their cloud migrations journey.

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Our Cloud Partnerships

Our extensive footprint of connected Cloud Service Provider regions, close working relationships and technical alignment with all of the major cloud service providers ensures cloud applications perform better on The Colt IQ Network. Ultimately, our ability to deliver, secure, agile, and highly performant high bandwidth cloud connectivity ensures you optimise the return on your cloud investment.

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Our Data Centre Partnerships

With the rise of cloud adoption and hyperscalers being collocated inside data centres, the ability to connect to interconnected business ecosystems is more crucial than ever before. Our Colt IQ Network enables our customers to connect to 900+ Data Centres, and our close working relationships with our Data Centre partners ensure that our customers have world class access to support their hybrid and multi-cloud architectures.

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Our Technology Partnerships

We work closely with our technology partners to allow your business to keep up with the rapid growth of the industry, providing bespoke solutions to create an agile scalable network.  Working with industry leaders such as Ciena, Cisco and ADVA allows us to remain at the forefront of a range of technologies helping businesses benefit from the power of partnerships.

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Why do we build a partner ecosystem?

Easily manage your access bandwidth, connections and pricing on-demand with our easy to use customer portal

Colt is your single partner - there is no need for multiple suppliers and various network contracts

Our service level agreement provides targets for service delivery, availability and time to settle payments - all supported by competitive guarantees.

Our award-winning customer service is backed up by some of the best Net Promoter Scores in the industry

What others say about our Partner Eco-System


"Ciena is extremely proud to be partnering with Colt in their delivery of true Ultra High Capacity Services. The Partnership between us is a perfect fit in our joint aspirations to provide the market with the best end-to-end connectivity services, and we enter into this with complete confidence that together we will achieve maximum success"

Lorraine Twigg
Head of Partners EMEA, Ciena


"The cloud is driving transformation through new business models, easy global expansion and reach, accelerated innovation and time to market, along with an enhanced customer experience. Collaborating with Colt to bring ExpressRoute to customers is a core part of these attributes and values."

Mikkel Riis
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Azure

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