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We would like to introduce Wholesale customers to our B2B interface: Cocom, which can be used for unrated CDR delivery for voice services (e.g. SIP Trunking, Number Hosting, Voice Line & IN services).  Here you have easy access to the Cocom user guides and VPN clients to facilitate the setup and usage of our tool: Cocom.

Number Hosting customers should now use our Numbers on Demand web interface or our B2B APIs in order to reserve & activate numbers and port-in numbers to Colt. Online help, user guides & video guides are available below.

Twice daily unrated CDRs are available for these products:

  • IN services (e.g. Freephone, Shared Cost, IN Geo)
  • Voice Line
  • Voice Line (v) – unrated CDRs can be found under “IP Voice Line”
  • SIP Trunking
  • Carrier VoIP
  • Geographic Number Hosting
  • Reseller Connect

How to download a consolidated CDR:

How to download a CDR:


FTP User Guide for Unrated CDRs

Colt Online User Guide for Unrated CDRs


Reseller Connect Cocom FTP user guides:

VPN clients & user guides (for use with Cocom FTP) are available in the Cocom Web Manager help section of Colt Online

Reseller Connect Cocom XML user guides:


Reseller Connect Cocom Web Manager user guides:

Reseller Connect CLI & CPS macros:

Reseller Connect with WLR/VGA user guide:

Colt VGA User Guide v1
9.81 MB.docxDownload

The VPN clients are used for Resellers to gain access to Cocom FTP.