Cocom and Numbers on Demand

We would like to introduce Wholesale customers to our B2B interface: Cocom, which can be used for unrated CDR delivery for voice services (e.g. SIP Trunking, Number Hosting, Voice Line & IN services).  Here you have easy access to the Unrated CDR guide to facilitate the setup and usage of our tool: Cocom.

Number Hosting customers should now use our Numbers on Demand web interface or our B2B APIs in order to reserve & activate numbers and port-in numbers to Colt. Online help, user guides & video guides are available below.

To find our latest Number Coverage file, please click here as we fix the link in the table below, thanks!

Twice daily unrated CDRs are available for these products:

  • IN services (e.g. Freephone, Shared Cost, IN Geo)
  • Voice Line
  • Voice Line (v) – unrated CDRs can be found under “IP Voice Line”
  • SIP Trunking
  • Carrier VoIP
  • Geographic Number Hosting

How to download a consolidated CDR:

How to download a CDR: