Colt Cybersecurity Services

Secure your network from cyber threats and security incidents

Worldwide, threats from cyber-attacks are growing both in numbers and intensity. At Colt, we prepare global companies for this new era, with an all-encompassing secure connectivity, through range of products including Firewalls, Secure Network Gateways, DDoS Protection and Network Encryption. As effective security relies on multiple layers of defence, we provide a holistic security with protection at all the various vulnerability touchpoints: at network edge and core and along the network path.

Securing the various vulnerability touchpoints in your network


Why Colt Cybersecurity Services

  • One-stop-shop

    for Network and security to ensure you have an end-to-end control and reduce overheads to manage multiple vendors

  • Protect

    against revenue loss and safeguard your internal information due to fraud and security driven outages. Control escalating IT security costs and operational processes

  • Range of service options

    and feature-set tailor-made to address your security and business requirements

  • Security expertise

    at hand reducing total cost of ownership and keep pace with technology as we update our security solutions and technology as times change and threats evolve

Products at a glance

Cybersecurity Customer portal

We offer a web-based intuitive portal for Firewall and DDoS Mitigation services. This provides users a central view of their security devices and gives insight into how their security services are performing. This portal act as a first port of call for any investigations relating to the security services. It provides a comprehensive view of Firewall configuration details and DDoS Alerts and mitigation status.

Colt Managed Firewall Services