Colt Managed Firewall Services

Colt Managed Firewall Services

Safeguard your internal networks and systems from Cyber threats

Protect your data and IT infrastructure from cyber threats and security incidents and help you manage your risk.

Worldwide, threats from cyber attacks are growing both in numbers and intensity. Cloud Computing, Artificial intelligence(AI), Mobility, and Internet of things(IoT), while delivering all kinds of benefits, exposes you to new types of cyber vulnerabilities, arriving in different ways. At Colt, we pre pare global companies for this new era, with an all encompassing secure connectivity, through Colt Managed Firewall services.


Firewalls are a critical security layer that virtually all businesses require. But maintaining the perimeter security against the ever changing threat landscape has become a major challenge for many organizations. Firewalls, if not well managed, can easily become an unwitting security risk and businesses struggle to maintain control of their security, without impacting their business.

Colt Managed firewalls

A managed firewall from Colt mitigates this headache, and plugs a vital security gap, without the need to engage
costly in-house IT resource. Colt Firewall service is fully managed by us, including its design, installation, configuration, and day-to-day maintenance of hardware and software components as well as expert support from our proficient cyber security professionals, and 24/7 proactive network monitoring.

Our range of managed firewall services is designed to meet all of your needs: from protecting the Internet Access of a single office, to protecting several sites within your Colt IP VPN network. Our firewall solutions make use of different technologies to meet your needs to balance performance against cost, including network-based virtual firewalls for small sites, or dedicated hardware for more complex and demanding environments.

Firewall Variants

Based on your business demands, you can choose

  • Dedicated Firewall: Our Next Generation Firewall service on a physical infrastructure, dedicated for a single customer
  • Virtual Firewall: Cost effective firewall delivering the benefits of virtualization through fast provisioning, unlimited scalability and eliminating your need to maintain a physical network firewall.

Colt Firewall features

Our next generation firewall includes the following key features:

  • Standard Firewall
  • Network/Port Address Translation
  • Application awareness
  • Intrusion Detection/Prevention System(IDS/IPS)
  • Anti-virus, anti-spam and malware protection
  • Advanced Threat Prevention

Benefits at a glance

  • Protect

    against revenue loss and Safeguard your internal information due to fraud and security driven outages

  • Fully managed

    by Colt’s cyber security experts to keep your network safe, so you can stay focused on growing your business

  • Control

    escalating IT security costs and operational processes

  • Range of service options

    and feature-set tailor-made to address your security policy requirements

Why Colt Managed Security Services

Security expertise at hand:

Trust Colt to ensure your firewall solution is properly maintained and updated

Lower total cost of ownership:

Do not worry about recruiting and managing expensive security experts in-house

Keep pace with technology:

Colt updates its solutions and technology as times change and threats evolve

One-stop-shop for Network and managed security

To ensure you have an end-to-end control and reduce overheads to manage multiple vendors

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