Colt CCaaS – Featuring Genesys Cloud CX

A Colt employee is speaking into a laptop with a headset, smiling and passionately gesticulating to his interlocutor, representing digital accessibility

Colt CCaaS - Build meaningful customer connections and enable your agents to work from anywhere

Customers expect a personal relationship – delivered on their terms and through their channels. Does your workforce have the technologies to offer this?

With Colt, you can achieve a dramatic improvement in the service you provide your customers, while improving the productivity and performance of your agents with our fully cloud contact centre solution, which provides a full service wrap of numbers, connectivity and software.

One stop shop for all your communications needs

Combining Colt´s network and best in class Cloud Voice Services with Genesys Cloud CX, we offer an easy to deploy omni-channel solution,  that provides you with the tools and data-driven insights to support your customer experience strategy and organisational outcomes, with a productive and fully remote workforce.

Serve your customers better

Customer needs have evolved, and with our AI powered Digital Contact Centre solution you can give your customers control to contact you in the way they prefer (including messaging, social media, chat bots, traditional voice and email). As well as providing the personalised experience they want as all your systems will be integrated, so any information shared by your customer is saved and can be used to streamline their interaction with you.

Continuous Innovation in the Cloud

Genesys Cloud CX for you means; no releases, no hardware, no software, no maintenance, fully scalable automatic upgrades and no downtime!

Fully integrated cloud contact centre

We provide the full contact centre eco-system, with end to-end AI. This enables your contact centre to go further, with intelligent routing (AI-powered natural language and predictive behavioural routing), self-service (AI chatbot), blended agents (AI-infused quality, coaching, recording and scheduling tools), and AI infused analytics.


Scalable solution

We offer a set of bundles designed for your organisation, to give you the features you need to be successful. So whether you have a few agents with basic needs, or have thousands of agents that need advanced features, we have a bundle for your organisation. Further to this, these bundles can be customised to add or remove features, so the value of your cloud contact centre is maximised


Order with ease

Through our Voice on Demand portal, administrators and contact centre managers can quickly and easily flex up or down the number of user licences in their solution, meaning you only pay for the service you need. As well as being able to add more professional services and get help in local languages at any time.

Key Benefits

  • Provide a superior customer experience

    Deploy intelligent contact centre capabilities to improve qualification of inbound calls and reduce waiting times

  • End-to-end AI

    We provide the full contact centre eco-system, with end-to-end AI. Including AI-powered insights to delight customers and engage your employees with relevant feedback

  • Increase flexibility and savings

    Select a cloud-based platform to minimize cost an maximize performance
    with a future-proof solution

  • Take total control with easy to-use, self-service tools

    Access real-time statistics, monitor call quality and make changes to omnichannel routing instantly

  • Optimize your resources

    Queue calls on the network to free up local resources and allocate calls dynamically to different locations or agents, based on best match with skills and AI-powered behavioural profiles

  • Pan-European footprint

    Available in 13 countries in Europe so you can centralise your contact centre needs just with Colt

  • Fully Cloud solution

    Your agents can work from anywhere effectively, as all that is needed is an internet connection

  • Omni-channel solution

    Allow your customers to use their preferred contact channels such as email, chat sessions, social networks or new calling options

  • Increase productivity

    Automate routing interactions with self-service and integrate your Unified
    Communications services to strengthen collaboration across teams

  • Regulatory compliance

    We provide extra levels of security (e.g. PCI DSS) so you can give confidence to your customers when they contact you

Our network

Colt has a 30-year track record as a business voice and connectivity provider with a wholly owned Tier 1, globally connected network giving high performance access to the cloud.

We provide a single, consistent, fully regulatory compliant, one stop shop offer across Colt 13 European countries – Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden and the UK.

Colt Voice On-Demand Portal