Colt Voice On-Demand Portal

Colt Voice On-Demand Portal

Colt Voice On-Demand Portal allows you to manage all your Service Access Numbers through one centralised account from order
to cease and across 28 countries in 4 continents.

It is available as part of Colt IN Services and Contact Centre Services portfolio and enables a Voice On Demand experience for
your customer service: you can expand or reduce your services with Colt in near real time following the evolution of your business

Access to the portal is via Colt Online with single sign-on.

Colt Voice On-Demand Portal allows you to select country, number type, number range and quantity to order very easily, supported by intuitive filtering options.

Key use cases

Launching new campaigns

  • Ordering new service access numbers online with near real time delivery allows you to launch new campaigns when your business demands it, with no need for advance planning.

Opening subsidiaries in new countries

  • Entering a new market is just a few clicks away and you can get all regulatory compliance information by just looking it up on Colt Voice On Demand Portal.

Reselling voice services

  • You can steer your business swiftly, by easily keeping track of hundreds or thousands of numbers delivered to your customers and order more or cease any them with a few clicks. Colt Voice On Demand Portal is your ideal companion in the reselling business.
  • Full inventory of all your Service Access Numbers

  • Centralised view of all countries

  • Self-Service Ordering

  • Full record of orders placed

  • Minimize time-to-market by ordering Service Access Numbers in a few clicks

  • Easily expand to new countries thanks to One Stop Shop for regulatory compliant voice services across 28 countries in 4 continents

  • Simplify operations by managing all your numbers and value added services across all countries through one centralised account

  • Reduce your admin costs by avoiding paperwork with online ordering, porting and cease

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