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Colt IP Access - Premium Internet Access for Businesses

Colt IP Access

For modern businesses of all sizes, Internet access is a vital function, supporting a range of business critical web-based application. Consequently, they need a service that is reliable, offers high performance and can be adapted to their specific situation. Colt IP Access Services Portfolio delivers exactly this – a premium business class internet access complemented with additional options to address all customer needs.

Flexible and Reliable

Our award winning fibre network infrastructure is not only highly reliable, but it also provides a high degree of flexibility. By facilitating state of the art technology we can offer symmetrical bandwidths up to 10Gbps and are able to upgrade your internet access up to 1Gbps anytime without physical changes (with virtual router when available).


Our 100Gbps backbone has low utilisation levels and is being upgraded constantly. Colt runs a significant peering infrastructure with more than 400Gbps of public and private peering, attends 20 public internet exchanges and exchanges traffic with hundreds of networks directly. The access bandwidth is uncontended and Colt VoIP Services will automatically be prioritised.

High Availability

Our resiliency add-on enables dual access & routers configuration for high availability. Secondary lines with dual access are optimal for supporting performance of cloud-based applications. Various options of access technology are available including 3rd party leased line, Multi-ISP, and 4G backup in addition Colt fibre access.

Guaranteed SLA

We are committed to the service levels we agree with our customers. Our SLA document defines parameters for installation time, availability, repair time, network delay, jitter, packet loss etc.. The main parameters are covered by service credits – if we don’t meet them we will pay money back.


We offer a number of add ons that allow our customers to tailor Colt IP Access to their needs. Next to standard add ons such as managed router, domain registration, IPv6, BGP, Cloud Prioritisation corresponding to Microsoft Azure Peering Service, etc. we have a sophisticated range of services to increase service availability to up to 99.99%. To ensure full protection of your network, we also offer a comprehensive range of security add-ons including Firewall services, DDoS mitigation, and cloud-delivered Zero-Trust security based on Zscaler.


Professional users like to know what’s going on. Thanks to online performance reporting, every customer has access to a portal which allows to look at traffic utilisation, interface availability and billing data in real time. We also provide proactive notification by SMS and email to our customers in case of service degradation with trouble ticketing.

European and Asian coverage

Colt has arguably the most impressive European and Asian coverage of any service provider; we can offer internet access services in 14 EU countries, and in Japan, Singapore & Hong Kong.

100% business dedicated

we are specialists in network and communications solutions for businesses and never provide consumer shared services.

End-to-end guaranteed quality

Colt offers consistent SLA thanks to the control of the end-to-end service. Moreover, Colt can offer Voice services with a prioritisation over the rest of the data traffic.

Unique customer experience

we offer a seamless service with standardised features and tools.

Flexible commercials

customers can chose either flat rate usage-based billing offers as a ‘pay as you use’ option.


Fast, reliable transfer to and from the Office 365 file store via our Colt IP Access service makes a big difference. Richard AndrewsIT Manager, AMR International

Key Benefits

  • Flexible

    • Symmetrical speeds up to 100Gbps as standard
    • Bandwidth upgrades to 1Gbps without physical changes

  • High Performance

    • 100% Guaranteed uncontended bandwidth
    • Low backbone contention, large peering footprint

  • Guaranteed SLAs

    • 24/7 support and trouble shooting
    • Repair time from 4hrs, and even 1hr in Japan
    • SLA backed up by service credits

  • Add Ons

    • DNS/Domain Registration
    • Dynamic Routing (BGP)available
    • Cloud Prioritisation (QoS and Prioritisation for Cloud traffic)
    • High Availability and Backup options include both wired line and 4G wireless

  • Online Performance Reporting

    • View traffic graphs to monitor bandwidth usage online
    • Including service availability and billing information

  • Proactive Monitoring and Notification

    • Service is monitored 24/7
    • Texts and email notifications if service is compromised. The perfect Internet access for all business critical usages such as cloud services or video conferencing

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