Emergency Calls in Japan

Emergency Calls can be made using the Colt Voice Service. When an emergency call (i.e. 110 for police, 118 for Coast Guard and 119 for fire/ambulance/rescue) is made using the Colt service, the call is connected to the corresponding authority’s answering point (PSAP = Public Safety Answering Point) nearest to your call location.

Police 110
Coast Guard 118
Fire/Ambulance 119

Callers’ location information

The caller’s information as given below is notified to the appropriate authority in accordance with the Japanese laws to handle emergency cases promptly and smoothly.

The location information includes:

  • Caller’s telephone number
  • Caller’s street address (address of the location where the Colt Voice circuit is terminated)
  • Caller’s company name (name of the corporation located where the Colt Voice circuit is terminated)

Handling of calls made without “caller number notification”

  • In Japan, if the number "184" is prefixed when making a call, the caller’s number is not notified to the called party. However, in the case of Emergency Calls, the caller information is notified to the emergency authority to ensure smooth response to the emergency.
  • Information on applicable laws is available at the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications – “Emergency Calls Function.”

Additional information

  • The location where the Colt circuit is terminated is notified to the responding authority as the caller’s location. Therefore, the emergency call service cannot be used when the location of the call origination is not the same as the location of the service as given in the service contract (location where the Colt circuit is terminated).
  • Even when the caller’s location is notified to the responding emergency authority automatically, you may still be required to provide further details on the location (such as building name, floor, room number, etc.) for smooth and prompt emergency response.
  • Please also note that you are responsible for setting up your PBX for emergency calls and any cost associated with such set-up.
  • Please do not make any test calls to the emergency authority.
Product type Emergency calls Notes
Voice Circuit Service Colt VoiceLINE ISDN Supported
Colt SIP Trunking Supported
Colt SIP Trunking 050 Out of scope An emergency call cannot be made using a 050 number
Managed Service Cold Cloud PBX Geo (0AB-J) Number Supported
Nomad (050) Number Out of scope An emergency call cannot be made using a 050 number
Colt Managed IVR・Managed Gateway Out of scope An emergency call cannot be made since the callers’ location is where the “Colt” device is

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