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Invoices that mean business

We listened to what our customers were saying about our invoices and took many of their suggestions on board so that they could be improved.

We’ve made them easier to read, ensured that the details of our services and what they cost are clearer, and added new information so that you always have the complete picture.

We’ve broken down the changes into sections so you can see what’s new at a glance.

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Front Page

On the front page there is the overview: your account number; the invoice number and date; the service billing totals for the period covered by the invoice, the total amount and the date by which it’s due.

Front Page Reverse

Here you’ll find a Glossary of terms and a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand the invoice. There are also details about how to contact us.

Details Section

This is where you’ll find a detailed breakdown of all the charges that relate to the products you buy from us as well as your billing details.

You won’t find individual voice calls itemised on our invoices because that would mean using up too much paper. We are working hard to be environmentally friendly, so if you want to check through an itemised list then you can do it online. To register for Colt Online please go to

Please Note: Usage based voice and data services are displayed slightly differently to those that are non-usage based.

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