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Colt’s business internet & VPN services provide you with high speed internet and network connectivity so you don't have to compromise.

IP Access

IP Access

Colt IP Access is a high speed business internet service, supported by our award-winning global network fully owned and managed by Colt.



Colt is leveraging an intelligent SD WAN platform to manage which data goes over the internet versus which data stays on private networks.


SD WAN White Label

Go-to-market with an industry-leading SD WAN service quickly with low capex and minimal development

IP Guardian


Colt’s business VPN means you don’t have to compromise; do business over a secure private network while getting the cost-saving benefits of a shared global network.

Colt’s Business Internet Access provides you with a high performance and highly reliable premium service specifically designed for business customers. Colt IP Access is based on the Colt owned truly global fiber network and IP infrastructure. It’s a perfect basis for today’s demanding business applications from providing content and using cloud services to Voice/Video over IP. In addition Colt offers a wide range of options and add-ons to tailor the solution to yours needs. Available  add-ons include security services as well as various options to increase the availability of the service even more. Colt’s business class support is available 24/7 and we offer sophisticated reporting and notification options.

Colt’s Colt Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) service offers an automated and fresh approach towards deploying and managing Enterprise grade connectivity and managing costs, It gives Customers the ability to combine multiple access connections types (MPLS, Internet, 3G/4G) with application-based policy forwarding and advanced security functions. Colt SD-WAN incorporates software-defined networking (SDN) into an application that Customers can use to quickly create and deploy a network that offers services like business-grade IP VPN, secure broadband Internet or application-aware routing with full security and QoS over WAN connections. Traffic can be automatically and dynamically (manually) forwarded across the most appropriate WAN path based on network conditions, quality-of-service (QoS) requirements, usage requirements and cost. This combined feature set offers higher network service availability and increased network performance. In addition, SD-WAN allows Customers to optimize the use of their bandwidth through load balancing over multiple Internet uplinks over broadband, 3G/4G (with an Ethernet handoff) in addition to traditional MPLS connections.

Colt IP VPN is an IP-based virtual private network (VPN) service that provides customers with the security expected of a private network, while at the same time offering significant benefits of a shared network in terms of cost and optimal connectivity. Any-to-any connectivity of sites, regardless of their sizes, into a customer’s network can be achieved easily, efficiently and securely, whether these sites are located within a single country or at diverse locations around the world. Class of Service (CoS) options ensure that customer traffic can be prioritized so that data streams with stringent requirements such as voice and video take precedence. In addition, remote access options give customers the flexibility to connect staff members who are on the move or working from home. With Colt’s IP VPN, other than the remote access options that are delivered using secure tunnels over the public Internet, all sites are connected using a private network and do not traverse the public Internet. Colt’s ability to provide end-to-end managed networks ensures that we can offer customers a high quality, cost-effective solution backed by comprehensive service level agreements (SLAs) and award-winning customer service.

Our DDoS protection services protects your internet-based applications and services from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. Our service filters DDoS attacks within seconds and without the necessity for human intervention, while enabling the flow of legitimate traffic. It effectively blocks threats such as high-volume flood attacks, stealthy application-layer attacks and attacks hidden in SSL packets. Colt implements the DDoS protection directly in the network, so no rerouting or tunneling or specific IPs required and keep your services up 24x7.


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