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In line with Colt’s desire to improve the output to it’s customers, we have developed a new outpayment statement. We’ve made it easier to read, ensured clearer details of our services, your revenue and costs, with new information so that you may get the complete picture.

We’ve broken down the changes into sections so you can see what’s new at a glance. Alternatively, if you can’t find your answers using the self-help pages, please contact our Customer Relationship Management team.

Your front page

On the front page of your outpayment statement, you will find the account details you have shared with us: your billing address, your VAT number and your given legal address if different from your billing address.

You will also see included the information unique to you: your billing account number (BCN), your purchase order number, and customer number.

Underneath, you will see an overview of your total charges summarised. Please note that this is not a tax invoice. You are required to raise a valid tax invoice separate to this statement.


Customer's billing address

Customer's email address & VAT number for reference purposes

The account detail section provides key information about your contract - including main account and subsidiary billing account details

Purchase order number at account level

Statement generation date

Currency billed

Total service amount for each service subscribed to

Total other amount for each service subscribed to

Total amount including tax

Your legal address if different to your billing address

Your front page (reverse)

On the reverse of your front page, you will find relevant information regarding Colt Technology Services. Our registered company details, & contact details can be found here.

We also include here a glossary of terms used in this document, frequently asked questions and information as to changing your billing address.

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Colt company registration and VAT details

Colt's contact details

Glossary of terms and frequently asked questions

A message explaining the values set out in this document

Page 2

All the charges for the products you have from us are summarised in this section.

You might notice that some product descriptions have changed. This is because we’ve standardised our products across the 13 European countries in which we work. There have been no alterations to your service as a result of that change.

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This action is carried forward from the front page to each subsequent page of the invoice

Service description

Colt product and charge type description

Total charges for the product

Details section

This is where you’ll find a detailed breakdown of all the charges that relate to the products you buy from us as well as your billing details.

You won’t find individual voice calls itemised on our invoices because that would mean using up too much paper. We are working hard to be environmentally friendly, so if you want to check through an itemised list then you can do it online. To register for Colt Online please go to

_fr_2020205002482_215317_020820_outpayment_english-4 copy

Colt company registration and VAT details

Service identifier

Call duration for service and identifier


Service description

Service type description

Period charges itemised below