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Ethernet VPN (Virtual Private Network) for business is ideal for connecting distributed business sites that need to communicate regularly and transparently with each other. Each location is simply connected to a fast Colt business Ethernet VPN which provides connectivity between all sites and VPN.

Colt Ethernet VPN features

We have never regretted our choice. Colt convinced us with network services of the highest quality and stability. Colt offers us a reliable package of services that ensures our customers a flawless customer journey through our processes,

Markus Maas Chief Information Officer/Chief Digital Officer, BNPPRE

Why choose Colt Ethernet VPN?

  • Get the greatest choice

    Select best-in-class Ethernet services from a partner with the most extensive Ethernet coverage in Europe

  • Connect your sites

    Ensure all your locations can exchange data easily, securely and reliably with bandwidth and performance guaranteed

  • Transparency

    E-VPN uses native Ethernet technology, and all interfaces are fully transparent to Layer 2 Ethernet protocols. That means customers can run their own VLAN, broadcast and multicast domains across the infrastructure to suit specific requirements

  • Simplify management

    Rely on one partner and a single SLA with proactive management, performance monitoring and other self-service tools

  • Flex to your needs

    Turn up and down your connectivity to meet your bandwidth needs, and just pay for what you need

  • Prepare for tomorrow

    Follow a forward-looking Ethernet network strategy, compatible with cloud-based services

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Frequently asked questions

  • Ethernet VPN (E-VPN) is a switched Layer 2 service that enables customers to create a multi-site network which allows ‘any to any’ site connectivity. Using E-VPN, customers can build private corporate networks that interconnect their offices and sites globally supporting all types of business applications.

  • Ethernet VPN is a Layer 2 VPN service with switching functionality implemented in the Colt IQ Network. This enables any Ethernet frame entering the network at one site to be switched and delivered to any other site, offering:

      Any-to-any switched services

      Speeds from 2Mbps through to 40Gpbs

      A dedicated service to a single customer

      Metro, National and International coverage with Off-Net access available

    The service is a delivered over a star topology, which means that all sites are allowed to communicate to each other without the requirement of additional switching or routing equipment.

    The service uses native Ethernet technology, ensuring guaranteed levels of performance. All interfaces are fully transparent to Layer 2 protocols (802.1Q, VLANs, spanning-tree, etc.). Each network has a resilient switching point that will be installed in a Colt node.

    The Colt Long Distance Network (LDN) links Colt’s own fibre-optic Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs) in 51 cities across 32 countries and 217 city POPs. Colt’s ability to provide end-to-end connections over its own infrastructure ensures, that we can offer customers a high quality, cost-effective solution, backed by comprehensive Service Level Agreement (SLAs) and award-winning customer support.

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Live chat with the experts

Have you got questions about our service? Or how it relates to your business? Live chat now with sales to find out.