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Based on our owned and operated fibre network, Colt support all kinds of Wireless Service Providers with a range of long range Wireless Backhaul Solutions: from hot spots (WiFi/ 4G/ 4G+) in public locations & buildings to complex 5G solutions.

Colt has a range of OpticalEthernet, and On Demand Wireless Backhaul solutions to cope with various requirements to enable your business to provide optimised and flexible wifi services. A city is a living entity and wireless network traffic cannot always be predicted, so we use our software defined networking (SDN) technology to provide you with flexible and agile connectivity.

Colt’s SDN capability allows for dynamic traffic routing, faster speeds, and reduced latency. On top of this our technology also enables superfast network provisioning, allowing smart cities to rapidly expand to new areas and add capacity.

Colt will work with you to establish the best-fit solution. We can help you to grow your capability with 5G promising a range of unprecedented benefits: from telecare health applications to smarter cities providing seamless public services.

Colt’s portfolio for coping with various requirements:

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“Working in a warm atmosphere, surrounded by friendly professionals who are ready to help anytime, is very important to me. Colt offers an environment where ideas are welcomed and every employee is valued, nobody feels left out and that is because our people live the Colt values. Colt brings people together and bright ideas into life.”


"The project was a complete success and we achieved the goal we set. Collaboration with Colt was excellent."

John Sudbury
CEO Ekovolt