Our Optical Network Services Portfolio provides the highest levels of network performance for backbone connections, inter-data centre connectivity, and high bandwidth requirements.

Optical Network Services

Optical Wavelength Service

Fully managed, high quality end-to-end transparent data transmission service operating at speeds of up to several 100G’s.

Private Wave
Private Optical Network

Secure, flexible and high performance private optical networking built on customer-dedicated WDM equipment and fibre infrastructure.

Long Haul Fibre Optic Network

Providing ultra high bandwidth connectivity, Colt Spectrum delivers the flexibility and control of a long haul fibre network, without the overheads of Dark Fibre.

Dark Fibre
Dark Fibre Network

Colt’s dark fibre network is the most extensive and reliable in Europe. We cover 51 metropolitan areas which are interconnected by our 38,000km network.

With Colt Wave, Private Wave, Spectrum and Dark Fibre, Colt provides customers with the scalable, cost-efficient and high-performance solutions for their capacity needs.

Colt’s high bandwidth optical network services portfolio directly address the requirements of enterprises, carrier operators and OTT players requiring connectivity between major sites and data centres. Colt’s IQ Network covers metro, long-haul, and international, including subsea, spanning across Asia, Europe, and North America, with service bandwidths from 1Gbps to above 200Gbps.

All of Colt’s optical network services, given their inherent deterministic nature, can be provided on defined network routes and fibre paths with varied options for diversity, service redundancy, and resilience. Get the highest levels of network performance from Colt’s Optical Network Services.

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