Colt & Zscaler : Securing the modern enterprise with Zero Trust Cloud Security

About this webinar

Taking the rights steps on your cloud security journey

Are you thinking about how to navigate the challenges of converged network and security in the new complex world of ICT?

Watch on demand to hear our leading experts from Zscaler and Colt on:

  • How to deliver consistent security that moves with your users and provides cyber threat protection for the modern enterprise
  • Enabling working from anywhere, secure connection to cloud apps and data, meanwhile ensuring quality of digital experience
  • SD-WAN security challenges, how to make SASE or SSE models work for your new network architecture
  • How to further secure 3rd party access and hybrid working patterns with a Zero Trust policy
  • What steps to take on a successful cloud security journey and what are the pitfalls?

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Meet our speakers


John Armenakas

Director of Partner Development, Colt Technology Services


Mike Beevor

Practice Build Consultant, Zscaler


Mark Bales

Product Manager, Security, Colt Technology Services


Jay Patel

Director Sales Engineering, Colt Technology Services