How to demand more from your network carrier

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When it comes to your most critical high bandwidth connections – like data centre to data centre, and data centre to cloud – most enterprises depend on ‘carriers’, telecoms firms. Computing’s research reveals that, it frequently takes over two months to provision new services – or even make changes as simple as increasing or decreasing network bandwidth.

In this web seminar, our Computing and Colt experts explore the research and argue that customers can, and should simply be, more demanding.

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  • What is the state of play in enterprise networking, and how is this disadvantaging businesses?
  • How should you be prioritising your needs in enterprise networking for a modern business?
  • What are the impacts of under- or over-provisioning bandwidth, and how can they be avoided?
  • How will the enterprise-wide migration to the cloud affect expectations in carrier networking?
  • What should you expect from carriers in terms of a revolutionary approach to contract models?

Michael South

Product Manager Cloud Connectivity and On Demand Services, Colt Technology.

Luke Braham

I.T. Manager at Red, a global staffing agency that is a leader in sourcing and placing SAP professionals operating from 7 offices worldwide.